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Born To Make!

 Aaru, "The Sky Mystic" pictured with his shamanic teacher, the spiritual leader and master shaman from the Huni Kuin Kaxinawa tribe of the Brazilian Amazon - Ninawa Pai da Mata.

Aaru, "The Sky Mystic" pictured with his shamanic teacher, the spiritual leader and master shaman from the Huni Kuin Kaxinawa tribe of the Brazilian Amazon - Ninawa Pai da Mata.


Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do. ―J.P. Morgan


ALIGN With Your Original DesigN

ASPIRE To Your Fullest Potential

ACHIEVE Your GreateST Mission

I believe that every person has the potential for self-realization and enlightenment. Like stars in the heavens, we are all born with a sacred design from the universe that can illumine and guide all of our worldly undertaking, and that by aligning with this sacred blueprint, we are able to reach greater levels of authentic happiness. Each soul has its own special purpose and path on this earth, its own particular brand of truth and wisdom, and it is my job to offer you the universal medicine to bring you back to that place of inner knowing in which you are completely secure in your faith and assured of your path.

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Dear Beloved,

I trust that you are one of the devoted truth seekers and virtuous changemakers who aspires to make a powerful difference in this world. If we are a natural fit for this work together, I will support you by attuning you to and aligning you with your original blueprint - your Universal DNA. If you have been stuck in a rut, unclear, and unsure of your true purpose, The Sky Mystic can help you navigate your life with grace, ease, and joy.

The way I help Enlightening beings like you wisely align with your soul's unique design, purpose, and path is through what I call "Universal Medicine Guidance Journeys." Throughout this work, I will invoke the higher awareness of your Universal DNA blueprint (Dynamic Nuanced Astrology), which will help guide you throughout the countless universal initiations you experience daily. Each session is personally calibrated to the subtle nuances of your astrology. A session with me is a journey into the depths of your soul.

The power of this work is it aids you in transforming and can inspire you to amazing, new possibilities. You will gain illuminating insights about the sacred rites of passage you are being blessed with to ensure optimal success in all that you are called to do. During your Universal Medicine Guidance Journey, your sovereign choice will be fully empowered, with great respect for the unseen forces of Divine Providence. Discover authentic self-belief and intimacy with all that is, sourced from the Divine Power, Will, and Grace of your own heart.

Whether you are wanting to make an important life change, understand what's happening in your life, discover your life purpose, deepen your awareness within an intimate relationship, build your business, choose a place to move, select a launch time for your business, receive high performance custom coaching etc., The Sky Mystic has got your back!

With Divine Love,

Aaru Fried "The Sky Mystic"
Universal Medicine Guide


Experience greater alignment, self-awareness, faith, and confidence as you are lovingly invited into a deep reflective process that enables you to
behold the miracle within you and all around you.


Your Universal D.N.A Shows Infinite Potential.

Ready To Actualize It?


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Empowerment Tools The Sky Mystic Utilizes

1. Archetypal Astrology

2. New/Full Moon Intention Setting + Power Wishing

3. Universal Medicine Meditation

4. Kundalini Yoga/Tantric Energetics

5. EFT + NLP


The Sky Mystic ~ Testimonial

"I received a cosmic coaching call from Aaron while I was unemployed and in a tough financial spot. Aaron mathematically predicted that the December 2017 New Moon would be a powerful time for me to manifest a job. He said that the intentions set on my New Moon call would likely come into reality on the following Full Moon. I spent the next two weeks focusing on my desires and wishes that I wrote down during the cosmic coaching call. Most of my desires revolved around attracting a high-paying job that still gave me the flexibility and time to work on my business. I also wrote down how much income I desired to manifest by the end of 2018. Lo and behold, two weeks later, right on the Full Moon, I received an amazing job offer! It was unbelievable, all of the intentions that I had been focusing on relating to a job were fulfilled in that job offer. It was a high-paying position with flexible hours, and it involved giving presentations, which I love to do. It's now January and I have already manifested 55% of my desired income for 2018. It amazes me how precise the timing of the Universe actually is when you become aware of its patterns." —Tunde A., NJ