A Powerful, Customizable 1-Month Astrology Course


***Next 1-Month Journey: Capricorn Edition, Starts 1/16!—at the Capricorn New Moon. And it runs until Valentine's Day 2018, when the New Moon shifts into the next Zodiac sign, Aquarius.

The Zodiac sign of Capricorn is about honoring our karma, mastery, and achievement.


Dear Prospective Student,

Let's be real. You're probably not interested in the heady, etheric or fanciful sides of astrology, but the truth of this elusive science.

The journey of using astrology to introspect is a transformative one. Yet with countless approaches to the craft, it's easy to get lost in all the information and not know what is fact and what is fiction.

Do you desire to make discovering astrology, and your unique design, fun and easy, and to feel connected to a deeper fabric of your own soul and life itself?

The ultimate way to do this is by observing your own life for an entire lunar cycle, not merely by memorizing dry, textbook information.

Learn about the multiple layers and dimensions of who you are, your own subjectivity and personal evolution.

If you are one of the lucky ones who joins this unique program, we'll work to systematically unravel the 'unseen' dynamics that hold you back from embodying your total potential.

My aim is to help you unify with the miracle of your own life, guide you to draw inspiration from and attune to the greater cosmic cycles, and align with your purpose and destiny.

If you do this discovery work with mindfulness and heartfulness, it will help you peel back the mystery of who you are and guide you to activate your greatest expression in the world!

Here's an amazing opportunity to access deeper and richer cosmic insight that will help you live your life by choice and design rather than chance and default...

Love + Light,



In this  customizable course of study, we will highlight the tropical zodiac sign of the month and track the Moon as she passes through all 12 signs and all 12 houses of your personal astrological blueprint.

In this way you will be learning astrology through observation of your own life - experientially and through inquiry and dialogue.


★ After 1 month, the MOON passes through all 12 zodiac signs, bringing your visceral and affective learning full circle...

★ After 1 year, the SUN passes through all 12 zodiac signs, bringing your intellectual and cognitive learning full circle...


Space is limited. Contact me to learn more!

★ We invite you to join Aaron for this innovative style of learning the spiritual science and language of the cosmos.

★ We will use Zoom Conferencing as our virtual landing pad for this intimate, online discovery.

★ If you are ready to understand the hidden secrets of your soul, then join us to reveal the subtleties of your life!

A Live, Online Learning Platform
Centered on Soul Discovery

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Align With Your   True Self

Join Aaron as he leads you on a profound journey in which you will be exploring your own consciousness, personality, drives, and potentials guided by his unique system, Dynamic Nuanced Astrology (DNA) Mapping. Be supported back to integral alignment with yourself. Use astrology as an ongoing support for activating your genius and navigating your purpose and evolution.

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Illuminate Your Soul's Dynamics

This 30-Day Astrology Immersion Includes:

★ 12 one-hour live astrology lessons that are intriguing and fun! Classes will be held every 2-3 days as the Moon changes signs.

★ 4 private weekly 30-min personal guidance/support calls in which you'll be helped in making sense of the simple complexity of your life.

★ 12 Recommended readings, homeworks, and journaling exercises.

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Learn With The Moon and journey inward

As a student, you will discover the essence of the 12 astrological archetypes by following the passage of the Moon as it activates your personal birth blueprint.

Register in advance and pay the special love offering of $799. And you can save an extra $100 (12%) when you bring a friend along for the journey!

Study the Language of the Stars
For 1 Year, or 30 Powerful Days

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”


12 Ways This Immersion Can Support You!

★ Awaken to new levels of self-awareness, direction, , purpose and inspiration!

★ Learn the energy of each of the zodiac signs and how they affect you personally, by learning to sense and viscerally feel the 12 astrological archetypes—as the Moon completes an entire circuit through your individual astrological blueprint.

★ Discover the deeper, unseen dynamics that give shape to your life experiences and cultivate greater mindfulness of yourself and the world around you.

★ Be a part of a transformative class for transmitting lessons and sharing dialogues aimed at giving voice and vision to your soul and deeper motivations.

★ Come away with a new realization each class and a richer understanding of yourself while gradually learning the basics of what astrology can reveal...

★ Attune to the sacred callings of your soul and align with your soul's purpose so that you can achieve your practical desires!

★ Understand your feelings and perceptions and be supported in working through cosmic resistance energy to help you evoke your true brilliance.

★ Learn how to shift your life’s narrative so that you can be aligned with who you are and move beyond personality into the realization of your soul’s greater evolution.

★ Discover how to declare what you deeply desire and reformat the most important contexts of your life from a place of profound inner awareness.

★ Get answers to some of the most significant existential questions, like “Who am I?”, “What does my life look like?”, and “What is the greatest expression of my soul?”

★ Be the author of your desired life experience by awakening "within the matrix" and be more powerfully in command of your life's flow.

★ Practically ground the wisdom of who you are and your life journey in your day-to-day experience...

"The soul is the inner sky, your inner universe. To begin making sense of the cosmos within is to find peace with your own mind and life experience."—Aaron

Problems This Learning Immersion Can Help You Solve

  • Feeling lost or out of sync with who you are, why you are alive, what you are striving for or what's most dear to you?

  • Feeling misaligned, or are you struggling to create a life that's congruent with your wildest dreams?
  • There's a desired objective, goal, or result you have been aspiring to reach but have felt limited in your ability to do so?
  • Seeking to give voice to your own relationship with the universe and create an inspired vision to propel you into the future.
  • Searching for a richer, more loving, harmonious, understanding and symbiotic relationship with yourself, others, and the cosmos itself.
  • Desiring greater assurance of your life's purpose, direction, and soul's evolution, and general support and insight.


This immersion is designed to help you attune to your soul, align with your purpose, and achieve your destiny.

A New Wave of 1-Year Journey Begins Every Solstice and Equinox.



1-mo Lunar Astrology Immersion Program:

2 Payments of $449 or 1 Payment of $799

1-year Lunar Astrology Immersion Program:

12 Monthly Payments of $599


“Astrology is a language. When you learn to speak that language, the universe speaks to you.”—Dane Rudhyar


Aaron is truly excited to guide you on this journey, if you feel the call!

For questions and to apply for your space in the personalized course of study, Contact Aaron.



"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

—Carl Jung