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Introducing The Celestial Coaching Circle For Spiritual Seekers & Emerging Changemakers

Solutions-Oriented, High-Performance Coaching To Help You Navigate For Success!

Receive The Tools, Resources And Support You Need To Wisely Navigate Your Life & Fully Realize Your Potential.

At the Sky Mystic, we believe that...
Aligning with your unique design is the #1 success secret
for getting ultra confident with your larger purpose and direction.

       The Sky Mystic believes you are destined to achieve your potential and become your most powerful self. We believe this is your primary purpose in life: self-actualization. The way we get you there is thru practical, caring, solutions-oriented wisdom―that's customized for your star sign in order to help you lead with your strengths, release blocks and resistances standing in the way of success, expanding your sense of what's possible, helping you gain clarity on your weaknesses so you can magnetize what you really want, and mapping out the kinds of choices that are in optimal alignment with your big-picture goals. We just happen offer a great coaching program.

Having A Celestial Coach By Your Side Is Like Being The President
& Having The Wise Counsel Of Your Cabinet's Top Advisors

       Cosmic Coaching is designed for aspiring and conscious influencers who want to navigate their life, love, and career thru astrologically-based self-realization coaching. Cosmic Coaching honors that each of the 12 Zodiac signs deserves their own unique array of coaching techniques because what a Leo Sun sign aspires for and values in life is totally different from what a Capricorn is after. Uncover the limits of your personality through astrology. Then you can transcend them with sage-like awareness. Become like the sage who is beyond limits and infinite. To be free is your ultimate birthright!

       There are over 8.06 billion personality types mathematically possible according to Astrology and far more, over the course of one’s lifetime. The US Census Bureau cites that there are currently over 7.44 billion human beings alive on the planet today! You are literally one in over a BILLION. Astrology accounts for every single one of them. Cosmic Coaching will give you the courage to claim your uniqueness as an individual so you can make a more powerful difference in the world and thrive while enjoying more of what you love. Each of the 12 Zodiac signs has their own special array of aspirations, values, priorities, and strengths. Cosmic Coaching will help you cultivate those strengths, making it the premier, most comprehensive and personalized coaching system known to man.


This EMPOWERING 1-1 Coaching program is by application only
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What This Program Will Help You To Do

  • Align your actions with your greater vision so that you can attain your inspired goals

  • Get clear, calm & ultra confident again by optimizing your star sign’s potential

  • Harness the cosmic weather to your advantage & rock it in your life, business, and career

  • Gain a clear sense of meaning, hope, purpose & a larger direction for your life!

  • Coaching that's uniquely customized for your star sign

  • Helps you release blocks and resistances standing in the way of success

  • Lets you expand your sense of what's possible inside your career/business

  • Map out the best choices that are in greatest alignment with your goals

  • Minimize stress so you can maximize your performance in the world!

  • Receive inspired insights regularly that will get you to where you want to be


Program Structure:

1-yr membership Program


  • New Moon 1-hr Group Dream Catalyzer Call
  • Two 30-min 1-1 sessions a month personalized to your star sign to help you actualize your potential
  • Access to the Private, Member's Only Cosmic Coaching Circle FB group
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • New Moon+Full Moon 1-hr Group Dream Catalyzer Call & ritual assignments for reflection and charging your heart's desires.
  • Two 60-min 1-1 sessions a month personalized to your star sign to help you actualize your potential
  • One 3-Day Transformational Group Vision Quest
  • Quarterly Electional Astrology analyses (via e-mail) to help you determine opportune start times in life/relationship/business
  • Complimentary access to the Private, Member's Only Cosmic Coaching Circle FB group

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