"The Sky Mystic’s READINGS are like a metaphysical lantern…"


I believe that every person is destined for self-discovery. Like stars in the vast night sky, each of us comes with our own sacred design that illuminates and informs our journey. By learning to trust ourselves, align with our highest potential and the cosmos, we can each create the kingdom of heaven within, and live a truly joyful life of service that touches other people’s lives.

The #1 way I’ve found to align seekers with their potential, purpose, place, and path is by transmitting the consciousness of their unique astrological blueprint so they can have a more inspired, visionary perspective for understanding their life. I offer guidance and insight that empowers individuals in their process of transformation so they can get super clear about where they are headin’. Astrological guidance can lead you on a journey into the depths of your experience of being human.

Whether you want to make a BIG life change, make sense of your life, lock in on your purpose, attract or enhance a relationship, authentically grow your biz in a way that’s true to your design, find the ideal place to live, choose a time to launch a project, or receive transformational support to help you navigate the challenges you are now facing, I am here to be 100% in service to your soul.

If you are navigating major change and are at the edge of breakthrough but needing a push to help you get to the next level, look no further.

Experience greater alignment, AWARENESS and confidence as you are caringly guided into a deeply reflective journey that enables helps you to
Connect With the miracle of your Life.

Discover Your Cosmic Design, Accelerate Your Growth

Life is full of unknown variables, yet there’s a surprising living intelligence that is inscribed in us at birth that guides our entire soul journey, promising us immeasurable clarity, vision, and purpose.

All of us are born with a personalized celestial "blueprint" - a map that describes the whole of our life. Like the "operating manual" of our true self, it shows your unique way to true joy and lasting fulfillment.

Navigating your life with astrology is illuminating, fascinating, and can help you clear the longstanding clouds of uncertainty—in life, love, finance, & career...

7 Powerful Ways Astrology Can Support You

The Sky Mystic's innovative Cosmic DNA (Dynamic Nuanced Astrology) mapping system can help you re-attune to yourself and align with your personal design, so you can live a more successful, fulfilled, and free life.

1 - Discover Your Personality - Learn about the subtle nuance of your personality, your patterns, and inner motivations so you can live with greater awareness and make more aligned choices that lead to a happier life.

2 - Discover Your Purpose - Learn about your unique reason for incarnating, your hero’s journey calling, your superpowers, and confidently align with your life’s mission so you can skyrocket your success.

3 - Discover Your Path - Learn how to navigate your present challenges/changes, and prepare for the future with grace, confidence, and joy. This is for you if you’re at a major turning point and want support in making those big life decisions.

4 - Discover Your Place - Learn about the premiere personal places on the globe that will enable you to actualize your goals in health, wealth, money, relationships, career and come into greater success and fulfillment in life.

5 - Discover Your Passions in Love - Learn all about what you're really searching for romantically and unlock your unique Cosmic Love Language and Sexual Style so you can call in a Divine Partner(ship) that will fulfill your deepest desires.

6 - Discover Your Partnership - Learn the essential ingredients and requirements of your intimate relationship and how to cultivate greater connection with your beloved by unlocking your ability to fully see and compassionately relate with each other.

7 - Discover Your Personal Brand - Conceptualize or prototype your business idea, name, brand identity, mission, niche, tagline, logo, positioning, messaging, vision, values, professional offering (UVP), delivery system, or ideal client avatar so you can make a more powerful difference in the world.

3 Transformative Ways I Empower Clients

  • I strive to offer an affirming, illuminating, and inspiring dialogue to help devoted spiritual changemakers like you break free of confusion and navigate your way with certainty.

  • I aim to provide an intuitive, shamanic and psychological experience that supports you to come into integrity with your soul’s gifts and actualize your potential.

  • I am here to empower you through major life transitions, guiding you beyond struggle into the ful knowing of your heart so you can start manifesting the desirable outcomes you want, knowing full well that the Universe is on your side.

Feeling Confused, Need Solid Guidance? Get the Astrological Intel You Need to Properly Route Your Course!


During a session, you will be assisted in awakening the depth and owning the truth embedded in your Astrological Design. while explaining the deeper cycles, themes, and larger trajectories that may be potentially influencing you now.

Instead of being told your fate, together we will discuss how YOU can most optimally design your destiny and help you manifest the amazing opportunities that are in optimal alignment with what you really want to experience! In accordance, of course, with the stars…

According to Positive Psychology research, meaning, hope, and purpose are the three ESSENTIAL ingredients of authentic happiness. Astrological Guidance can help you get your life on purpose, understand the meaning of your life, and help you find hope in the most difficult of times.

What You'll Get From Your Breakthrough Astrology Reading…

  • Practical guidance to help you get ULTRA clear so you don’t have to second-guess yourself ever again.

  • Arrive at the most wise and mindful decisions available to you.

  • Gain perspective on what's alive in you so you can feel confident about your life and experience deep peace of mind.

  • Strategize the best pathways to achieve your goals so you can optimize your life, relationships, career, business, and more!

  • Discover the best timing to ensure success in any endeavor.

  • Illuminate specific blocks that are holding you back from achieving your life objectives.

  • Get your life on purpose so that you can make money and have the freedom to travel and serve the world and feel fulfilled and rich at the same time.

  • Map out the best places on the globe for you!

  • BONUS: includes a FREE audio recording of your session provided that you join using your computer!


Single 60-min Astrology Reading ~ $149
Package of Three 60-min Astrology Readings ~ $333
Package of Five 60-min Astrology Readings ~ $499
60-min Astrology Reading for Couples ~ $249

*All Readings are Offered via Zoom Conferencing - it’s best to use your computer, not your phone

Note: When you click the order button, you'll be brought to a form where you'll enter your birth info, make a payment, and schedule—it's super easy!

Don't Believe That Astrological Guidance Will Help?

I understand. I used to be a skeptic too back in my days as a Mathematician and Physicist. Sometimes doubt is good. I encourage my clients to not blindly believe and that they and they alone are the architects of their life. You can find comfort in knowing that the insights I strive to offer during a session are the result of 8 years of deep study and meditation on astrology. The process I use to read your chart is not standard textbook astrology, it is a masterful system for understanding the deeper patterns of your life. I believe by embracing and uplifting these patterns for your highest growth, success is inevitable

Check out my testimonials page to see what others have experienced while working with me.

"Aaroo truly is a Sky Mystic! He is clear, professional and wields an understanding of astrology that facilitates profound clarity and recognition of the myriad of factors that influence one's lifetime. He makes the dance of the cosmos seem understandable and is an incredible resource for aligning one's efforts to the greater design of all that is. Thank you, Aaru for your service!" ~ Joy

"It is very difficult to explain a spiritual process to another person, particularly a process that takes you into the core of your being and unlocks parts of yourself that have remained hidden from you since childhood. This is the experience I have with Aaron Fried in the Cosmic Coaching Club. Each session I release new parts of myself into the world and as a result I am experiencing new and greater levels of success and happiness than I thought possible. This is where science meets spirit. If you know you have untapped potential, even if you have done years of personal development as I have, then Aaron provides a safe container where he applies both ancient and mathematical principles for your own unfoldment. I cannot recommend him highly enough." ~ Lianne Grove, Celestial Coaching Client

As clients like Lianne awaken to how magical and useful astrology can really be as a navigational tool, and as they start to experience profound new shifts and insights, it is natural to become excited to dive in and experience even greater discoveries and transformations!

That's why I have created the special, members only Cosmic Coaching Club  - for hard working spiritual seekers who are truly committed to their growth and expansion as they awaken to prosperity.

In the Cosmic Coaching Circle, I provide high-level performance coaching and mentorship in empowering you and helping you integrate the unfathomable wisdom of your Cosmic blueprint, while providing you with unsurpassed inspiration, accountability and support.

Your Astrology Shows Infinite Potential.

Ready To Actualize It??