Experience a Powerful, 1-to-1 Earth-Based Transformational Immersion Assist You In
Authoring Your Destiny

Where Astrology Meets Wizardry Thru a day-long RETREAT in nature

Every human Spirit has the power to creatively author their destiny in accordance with the Omnipresent Great Spirit. For me, every astrological activation is a rite of passage for the heart. Join me as we uncover the truth of this for you….

I stand for those who are dedicated to the sweeping illumination of consciousness across the planet—to the dazzling discovery of our inherent wholeness, the realization of our spirit’s unique purpose, and the manifestation of our soul’s deepest desires.

I am here to help you unite heavens and earth so you can realize your dreams in a practical, embodied way. The key is to attune and align with your cosmic nature (which is reflected in the Astrological birth map, also known as the Cosmic D.N.A.—“Divine Natal Agenda”) so you can achieve your sacred mission…

3 Easy Steps to Self-Actualization

  1. Attune to your Authentic Self

    (Via your unique Astrological D.N.A - Divine Natal Agenda)

  2. Align your Spirit with your powerful purpose & divine destiny

  3. Achieve your next sacred mission in life

Do you feel like you are in the midst of spiritual transformation and standing on the edge of a major breakthrough?

I can push you over the edge, by helping you to see yourself deeply.

Are you wanting to glimpse the deeper gifts of your soul and learn how to work with—instead of against—your true nature, while honoring the unique virtues and vices that are a part of your humanness?

Are you seeking authentic self-discovery in your life to inspire you on your soul journey but don't know how to get there on your own? Are you wanting or needing assistance?

If you are wanting or needing support, I can assist you by authentically and empathically relating with your experience of Reality and by advocating for your unique ability to creatively shape your with both Sovereignty (Free-Will) and Providence (Divine Grace) on your side.

If you are looking for deeper clarity and conviction to embody your real purpose and get ultra clear, confident, and convicted to live authentically aligned with their highest direction in life, and if you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above questions, you may be ready for a Cosmic Crossroads Nature Journey!

Experience greater alignment, AWARENESS & confidence as you are guided on a deeply healing & empowering journey that will help you
Connect With the DEPTH of your SPIRIT.

In my experience, the key deterrent that prevents us from achieving our goals is being unattuned or misaligned with your essential nature.

The danger is in trying to be something that we are not, and not truly listening to what Great Spirit, or the Universe, has in store for us, in not sticking to our soul’s agreements.

Simply put, we forget our original spiritual agreement on this Earth, and so, inevitably we miss the mark on fulfilling our most powerful purpose and divine direction in life.

Realize Your Divine Nature

All of us are born with a personalized celestial "blueprint" - a map that describes the whole of our life. Like the "operating manual" of our true self, it shows your unique way to true joy and lasting fulfillment.

Navigating your life with astrology is illuminating, fascinating, and can help you clear the longstanding clouds of uncertainty—in life, love, finance, & career...

Astrology is like a kaleidoscopic prism for understanding the subtle nuances and intricacies of your life. It is a sacred tool that describes the totality of our life experience—from the most direct and gross to the most subtle and invisible.

Through astrological self-contemplation, we gain the capacity to work with our strengths and weaknesses. We come into a reciprocal relationship with cosmos that allows us to show up to life guided by our deepest convictions.

We stop questioning ourselves and start showing up in service to something greater than ego. We start to operate from our Essence, with our Spirit “on board”, and in so doing, we are able to actualize our destiny.

According to transpersonal psychologist, Stanislav Grof, and integral philosopher Rick Tarnas, Archetypal Astrology is the Rosetta Stone of the human psyche. But in my opinion, it is much more than that…

Astrology is essentially the Rosetta Stone of the human Spirit, revealing your uniquely powerful purpose and divine direction.

With astrology as my ally, I am able to serve as an interface connecting you and Great Spirit in order to gently and wisely guide you on your right course—not by impressing my reality onto you, but holding space for the re-integration of your Spirit.

Your personal, Astrological DNA reveals infinite potential. This ‘Divine Nature Journey’ will support you to authentically actualize it.

Receive support in being held impeccable to the achievement of your life’s sacred mission—from someone who is able to voyage deeply with you into your experience of Reality and soul journey (past, present, and future).

How This Powerful Journey Can Support You

The Sky Mystic's innovative Cosmic DNA (Dynamic Nuanced Astrology) mapping system can help you re-attune to your Spirit and re-align with your own unique design, so you can live a more fulfilled, successful and free life.

What most people don't know is we are emblazoned at birth with an entire experience of reality that has such profound meaning. Everything is connected. Everything has far-reaching meaning in your life experience.

  1. Illuminate Your Story (Timeline Mapping)

    • Experience the magic of ‘Astrological Regression’ so you can recover lost inner gems hidden in your awareness and reintegrate them. Discover how certain personality patterns that you are still experiencing today—and which hold the key to your actualization—relate to certain milestone shaping life events indicated in your Cosmic DNA.

  2. Discover Your Spirit (Soul Signature Mapping)

    • Learn about the subtle nuances of who you are, what is most important to you at this unique point on your quest of self-mastery, your deeper essence, your patterns, and inner motivations so you can live with greater awareness and make more aligned choices that will lead to a happier, more aligned life.

  3. Realize Your Significance (Life Purpose Mapping)

    • Learn about why you are here, your unique reason for incarnating, what you are truly called to accomplish, your superpowers, what you are really seeking to experience in this life, and confidently align with your life’s mission so you can skyrocket your ability to realize your dreams.

  4. Navigate Your Future (Life Path Mapping)

    • Learn how to navigate your present challenges/changes, and inspire you for the future with grace, confidence, and joy so you can make those big life decisions that you have been delaying.

    • Receive big-picture astrological predictions and suggestions for to align the powers of Sovereignty (Free-Will) and Providence (Divine Grace) so you can co-create the Reality you want and align with your Divine Direction

Guidance, Healing & Space-Holding You Can Trust

  • I strive to offer an affirming, illuminating, and inspiring dialogue to help devoted spiritual changemakers like you break free of confusion and navigate your way with certainty.

  • I aim to provide an intuitive, shamanic and psychological space that supports you to come into integrity with your soul’s gifts and actualize your potential.

  • I am here to empower you through major life transitions, guiding you beyond struggle into the full knowing of your heart knowing full well that the Universe is on your side.


What to Expect During Your Cosmic Crossroads Journey

  1. Experience Ojai’s Beautiful Natural Hot Springs at Ecotopia (2 hrs)

    • Relax, reset, and renew your nervous system and re-calibrate your system to welcome in a new vision of Reality

    • We will get to know each other and you will have the opportunity to share important background on your life experience and to feel into your intentions for the day

  2. Explore Your True Self Thru a Hike in Glorious Nature (All Day Long!)

    • Adventure in the heart of nature to reconnect with the Earth, restore balance and soak in brain-boosting, feel-good negative ions so you can see your life clearly

  3. Receive Powerful, Intuitive Astrological Guidance & Transmissions (1 hr)

    • Receive clairsentient & claircognizant channeling of your unique cosmic codes to inspire you, help you attune to your own Divine Nature and reconnect with your Spirit

  4. Breakthrough Blocks with the Transformative Medicine of Hapé i.e. Sacred Tobacco (1 hr)

    • Through ritual, you will clear stuck emotions, old patterns & beliefs, bodily dis-ease, distortion, and dark energetic imprints so you can breakthrough, and call forth what you really want with power and conviction

    • This will lead into a visionary meditation

  5. Integrate Your Soul Discoveries Thru Astrological Attunement & Vibrational Healing (1 hr)

    • Experience a chakra-based planetary activation to harmonize your Spirit using precision-calibrated tuning forks and my proprietary system of healing

    • Have a felt experience of your astrology that promotes true healing and empowerment and unites heavens (astrology) and earth (the body) via sound vibration

    • Unlock a secret code that has been mathematically imprinted in your experience of Reality at birth using a precise system:

  1. First, we recalibrate your chakras to their natural harmonics, clearing them of unhealthy energetic debris

  2. Then, we attune you to your personalized astrological frequencies to help you come into integral alignment with your divine natal blueprint and balance the competing aspects of your being

  3. Next, we harmonize the resonant frequencies of your Cosmic DNA (Divine Natal Agenda) and the specific time periods in history that they correspond to and the subtle stories they carry based on a proprietary process of ‘astrological regression.’

  4. Finally, we help you integrate the astrological influences that are present in your here and now.

Journey will last about 5 hrs (plus add time to arrive at sites & eat lunch)

Additional Modalities May Include EFT (Emotional Freedom), Hands-On Energy Healing & Prayers

What You'll Receive During This Transformational Immersion

  • Practical guidance to help you get ULTRA clear so you don’t have to second-guess yourself anymore.

  • Gain perspective on what's alive in you so you can feel confident about your life and experience deep peace of mind.

  • Strategize the best pathways to achieve your goals so you can optimize your life!

  • Deep relaxation, renewal, healing and empowerment

  • A felt sense that your life is truly divinely perfect with clear action steps to help you rapidly progress on your soul journey

  • Greater trust in yourself and faith in the universe

  • New levels of clarity and conviction about who you are and what is possible for you

  • A greater connection to your powerful purpose and divine direction

  • Understanding about how specific events and moments in your life shaped you into who you are today

  • Wisdom for how to transcend your personal planetary predicaments and soul dilemmas

  • Greater awareness of yourself that will give you an enhanced ability to regulate how you show up in the world

  • A felt sense of being deeply attuned to and aligned with your Spirit

  • Knowledge about your present challenges that will inspire you to level-up and call forth what you really want

  • Understanding what the divine plan is for you and how best to work with it as a powerful creator of your reality

  • Affirmation that your life is on track and loving suggestions to bring you into more optimal alignment

  • Freedom from confusion and doubt - absolute clarity!

  • Connection with nature that reminds you of who you really are deep down

  • Release stuck emotions and blocked energy that has been preventing you from manifesting what you want

  • A deeper experience of your soul that will allow you to see who you truly are

  • A profound yet paradoxical feeling of activation and inner harmony

  • A feeling that you are no longer at odds with yourself

  • A more embodied sense of connection with the Reality of your life experiences that will allow you to take the needed steps to advance your life

  • A greater realization of the meaning of your life

  • Freedom (born of awareness) from certain darker or sinister patterns that have held you back or prevented your growth

  • A felt sense of at-one-ment (attunement to) with your Divine Natal Agenda (Astrological DNA) and a feeling of all-in-ment (alignment) with your Soul's True Purpose

  • A new ability to witness your life and personality patterns objectively without judging yourself

  • Freedom from certain energetic influences that have deterred you from achieving your life's mission since birth

  • An understanding of what's happening in your life now and where to go from here


Cosmic Crossroads Journey: $333 (doesn’t include lunch)

Hot Springs: $35 for Ojai non-locals / $15 for locals

$111 for each additional hour

Don't Believe That An Astrology Immersion in Nature Can Help?

I understand. Sometimes doubt is good. I encourage my clients to not blindly believe and that they alone are the architects of their life.

You may find comfort in knowing that the insights I offer during a session are the result of 9 years of deep study and meditation on astrology.

The process I use to read your astrology is a masterful system for understanding the deeper patterns affecting your life.

Review my testimonials page to see what others have experienced through their work with me.

"It is very difficult to explain a spiritual process to another person, particularly a process that takes you into the core of your being and unlocks parts of yourself that have remained hidden from you since childhood. Every session I release new parts of myself into the world and as a result I am experiencing new and greater levels of success and happiness than I thought possible. This is where science meets spirit. If you know you have untapped potential, even if you have done years of personal development as I have, then Aaroo provides a safe container where he applies both ancient and mathematical principles for your own unfoldment. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

"Aaroo truly is a Sky Mystic! He is clear, professional and wields an understanding of astrology that facilitates profound clarity and recognition of the myriad of factors that influence one's lifetime. He makes the dance of the cosmos seem understandable and is an incredible resource for aligning one's efforts to the greater design of all that is. Thank you, Aaru for your service!"

Your Astrology Shows Infinite Potential.

Are You Ready To Realize It?