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4/16/18 – 4/22/18


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The recent Aries New Moon coupled with Mercury moving direct has catapulted you to greater levels of empowerment. In some respects, your life has been drastically rebooted in unpredictable ways, supporting you in actualizing within your profession. Perhaps your life is on a new course in which fears no longer dictate your life. You are more established in your individuality, choosing to focus on yourself and future direction (above any relationship). Communications on returning back to normal and it is much easier for you to focus your mind now which means greater efficiency in completing tasks. If you have been experiencing any signs of physical illness, positive solutions will now be found.

On Monday, the Moon moves through Taurus and your second house of earned income, so by Tuesday you should be acquiring new resources in the form of money or tangible items by Tuesday when the Moon aligns with Venus. But because of a polarity formed between Venus and Jupiter, you are likely to see significant expenses as well. Giving and receiving pleasure and generous gifts is indicated. Be careful of overindulging and spending in excess or waste. On Tuesday, Venus aligns harmoniously with Pluto signaling that your desire to acquire possessions and relate harmoniously is sourced from a deep place in your heart. Accumulating valuables while taking on a new powerful position, are described in this celestial influence. You have the power to attract money right now.

Wednesday, the Moon enters Gemini highlighting sorting through information, communications, and factual learning. This is a good time to speak your mind. Meanwhile, the astrological Sun aligns  with Uranus. You'll be distinguished as a originality and revolutionary spirit, recognized for your progressive outlook. Your desire for freedom will be marked, so be willing to stand out from the crowd and go to the beat of your own drum.

The Sun enters Taurus on Thursday, marking a subtle shift for you in your priorities for the subsequent month - from your professional life/actualization to your financial resources. You'll be focused less on your reputation and more on being happy with what you have. Friday, the Moon enters Cancer, bringing changes in your family/private/domestic life for the weekend. Set aside time for solitude and work and let yourself explore new visionary realms. On Sunday, the quarter Moon arrives along with a dynamic clash between fifth house matters of romance, children, and creative expression on the one hand, and money on the other. Your creative fires will be stoked along with your playful spirit, all in service to making money.




The recent Aries New Moon seeded new realizations about your "secret self" - the part of yourself that you keep hidden and repressed. Perhaps this has something to do with your sexuality, as Mars is the ruling planet of the New Moon. The month ahead you'll be more inclined to spend time alone meditating, or at the least focused on your spiritual life, higher knowledge, or marketing campaign. Or another possibility is you will be more connected to the wider world through the internet, which will afford you the right amount of boundary while interacting. If you are an entrepreneur, now that Mercury has moved direct, you'll be better able to witness (with a discerning mind) the world's suffering, so it is auspicious for you to speak into that as you market or promote. You'll be interested in taking a break from work and be better able to connect from behind a computer screen, if needed. This will result in progress is creative expression and forward movement in generating your livelihood. You'll also be able to have more direct access to your intuition and contact with the "invisible realm."

Monday the Moon moves into Taurus and your first house, so physical/sensual pleasure is pronounced, especially with Venus's cosmic connection with Jupiter. The Goddess of love and merriment will shine down upon you, but you are likely to overdo it. Beware of excess temptation and desire for gratification, particularly of a sexual nature. Still, this will be favorable for romantic relationships. You will be affirming your inner desires of a physical nature. Oddly enough, doing so will enable you to better fulfill your obligations and relate spiritually with others. Beware of overspending, though and try to lean a bit more towards the side of purchasing only necessities to maintain balance.

Venus aligns harmoniously with Pluto on Tuesday, so your relations will be suffused with considerable depth of presence. You may be called to meet up with someone special on an intimate, one-to-one basis. If so, the physical chemistry between you will be pronounced, bordering on alchemical! The Moon's conjunction with Venus describes you in productive fertilization of something you are working on. you'll have intensity as you get intimate with the work you are doing.

Wednesday, the Moon shifts into Gemini and your house of earned income, so there will be a promise of making money from behind the scenes, or through the internet. Simultaneously, the Sun aligns with Uranus which holds promise of shattering any expectations you have. Time alone will be important.

Thursday, the Sun shifts into Taurus transmuting the focus of the month to more practical concerns related to your physical body and vitality. Self-realization will be a happier priority for you. Loving yourself and and in the process discovering new aspects of your individuality.

Friday, the Moon enters Cancer and your house of communications, so you will be able to focus on the small things requiring your care, and you will be good at expressing yourself in a way that is received by others.

Saturday will present an opportunity for socializing that will prove beneficial, and Sunday the quarter Moon in Leo creates a happy tug-o-war between your outer surroundings and interior life.




The recent Aries New Moon offered you an opportunity for a new beginning in how you interact within your tribe. You're more more comfortable in being an iconoclast, and this lunation activated your focus in your business. Or alternatively, it is about taking responsibility for and consolidating your debt or expenses. Mercury also turned direct yesterday, which means you'll be able to be more direct in your dealings and communications with others when you socialize.

Monday, the Moon's passage through Taurus has you spending time cultivating something behind the scenes. You'll have a secret that you don't want to tell many people about. Venus will align with Jupiter in the heavens on Monday, too, which will increase your desire to be of service, and you'll be more receptive to giving and receiving help. Chances are you'll be employed with some tasks behind the scenes. Really it's about daily maintenance and basic chores.

When Venus aligns harmoniously with Pluto on Tuesday, you may hit a wall related to an unseen expenditure, but chances are it will kick your drive and productivity in gear and set you on a fruitful course. You'll be inclined to show up in humble service to another.

By Wednesday, the Moon enters Gemini, and until Friday you will have a dose of social engagements with people cut from the same cloth as you. You are able to connect with tribe better than ever, so be sure to use it to your personal advantage and talk about what really matters to you, as you'll be making a great first impression. Something has opened up inside of you allowing you to see the world through another's eyes, which makes you a whole lot more fun to be around - and people can feel it! Wednesday, the Sun conjoins Uranus also, and which promises the ability to commune with others who march to the beat of their own drum, much like you are lately. The people you meet will be weird and original to say the least and may hold a key to the puzzle for how you can ascend.

The Sun shifts into Taurus on Thursday, so the priority will shift from trying to control the experience you are having to being softly open to divine intervention, and this will likely serve you well. While the Sun was in Aries, the focus was on breaking out of debt, but once the Sun shifts into Taurus your expenses should level off and it will be easier to find serenity with what you have.

Friday the Moon enters Cancer and your house of earned income, where it will be until Sunday. Luck will follow you in making money and come by way of employment or through your positive reputation. Bank on your ability to make money on these days.

Sunday, when the quarter Moon has shifted into Leo, you will be split between wanting solitude and communications. This is a recipe for writing in seclusion.




The Aries New Moon Sunday opened a portal of new beginnings that will have you featured in the public sphere, which is to say you'll be leaving behind your private life more than you may be accustomed to. If you are planning any kind of exhibition or stage performance in the coming weeks, be mindful that the conjunction of the New Moon to Uranus speaks of potential technical breakdowns - or breakthroughs - in the next two weeks, depending on your level of preparation. If you give due time to preparing, chances are positive outcomes can be relied upon. Mercury has moved direct in the sky, which will enable you to take constructive steps forward related to your life mission and will be constructive for coming into your public persona. The result will be lots of time in seclusion working with information, writing, or communications.

Monday, the Moon enters Taurus and you will be living what Cicero - the Roman philosopher of antiquity - called, "The Good Life." You'll be feeling excellent, so this is a great time to gather with friends and for encountering allies who will aid you in advancing your hopes and dreams. You'll be having tons of fun or possibly exploring creatively. This aspect will enable you to attract good company, but beware of overindulging or overspending company resources.

Tuesday you will have a chance to partner with said allies and will turn to your partner for support as attract your hopes and dreams in even more closely. It is feeling more real and tangible than ever. The Moon will be in Gemini from Wednesday until Friday in your zone of seclusion and secrets, potentially making you sensitive to your shadow self and making it hard for you to articulate what you are feeling with language. Tune into your body for clues that will enable you to understand your feelings better. On Wednesday, also, the Sun aligns with Uranus in your public and career sector, so you are best choosing to go to the beat of your own drum related at the office. You are standing out like a horse in an ant farm, so be cool with daring to be different.

Thursday, the Sun shifts into Taurus which will bring a shift in priorities for the month ahead. Attracting new allegiances is indicated and this will prove a beneficial time for attracting what you most desire! Start turning to friends and community for support instead of relying solely on a partner. Friday and Saturday the moon in Cancer will have you feeling sensitive within your environment. You'll be quite reflective and introspective. Daydreaming of a vacation abroad? That which you believe you can achieve!

Sunday the quarter Moon enters Leo which may potentially bring practical gifts of support from friends. Your network is a very happy asset right about now!




The recent Aries New Moon brought a new beginning on your path of ascension. You are discovering the heart and soul of your own spiritual path, which is motivating you in practical ways in your everyday life and work. Mercury has moved direct, so it will be easier for you to clearly see what you want to be focusing on in order to propel yourself forward in your spiritual evolution. The result of Mercury's forward movement is forward progress being made related to your community/friends and financial resources.

Monday the Moon enters Taurus in your tenth house of honors and success, so you'll be received very well by the public and seen as a kind and loving person who people like to be around. At this least, this may involve people of high-status. With venus aligned with Jupiter in the heavens, you'll be called to find the balance between your home and working life, between your public and private self.

Tuesday, Venus in your tenth house will favor your reputation, so shall we say your reputation precedes you? A promotion involving enhanced responsibilities may figure in. This is a wonderful time for self-actualization and for presencing a happier attitude with regards to the direction your life is taking.

Wednesday, the Moon enters Gemini and your sector of tribe and socializing, so you will have opportunities to network with others of a similar spiritual bent, people who you can have exciting conversations with about the journey of life. The Sun's conjunction with Uranus will provide an unexpected plot twist and infuse you with a hearty desire to expand your horizons and to ascend to the ether.

Thursday, the Sun enters Taurus and so the general priority of the next month will shift in focus, from your spiritual to career life. Your reputation will be favorable for the next couple of weeks with Venus in your  tenth house of acclaim. The Moon flows into Cancer on Friday which beckons you to look within at all of the emotions you have tucked away and not dealt with.

The weekend will help you in expressing yourself from the heart, by tuning you into the invisible side of your personality. You'll be more introspective than usual. Sunday's quarter Moon in Leo creates a challenge in reconciling your autonomy and your professional life. You'll need to do things alone. This is a recipe for self-actualization, but you may have to look to authority figures for solutions.




Wowzers, the recent New Moon is about breaking through debits and money owed by consolidating. Mercury's direct motion means you can finally move forward with your life, and you'll find your usual level of discerning wisdom and clarity returning, enabling you to make sound decisions that will benefit you with lenders.

Monday, the Moon moves through Taurus and your ninth house of spirituality and higher learning, so you'll have new revelations that will make life more enjoyable. For you, being "spiritual" means living a happy, simple life. Monday's alignment between Venus and Jupiter brings you to balance artistic expression of higher teachings and a big-picture perspective on all the facts and information. Things are likely to flow easily, but beware of taking the easy way out with regards to what you are learning or laziness, as this is the vice of Venus and Jupiter's opposition. If you try to receive too much at once, however, it may not work out.

Tuesday Venus and Pluto form a harmonious angle in the heavens which will bring harmony between children/romance/creative expression and higher education. Be sensitive to new revelations coming your way! You may receive them as physical sensations, On Wednesday, the Moon enters Gemini and your tenth house which will help you to advance in the public eye and to change your ideas as necessary. The Sun's conjunction to Uranus in Aries may bring a surprise expense. The best thing you can do is stay positive and be prepared.

Thursday, the Sun shifts into Taurus and your spirituality zone, which may shift your focus from creative expression to sharing and disseminating what you are creating. This shift will apply for the next couple of weeks. Simply put, things are shifting to a more public arena in the coming weeks. On Friday, the Moon flows into Cancer and your elevent house of hopes and dreams, so this will be a good time for feeling intimately bonded with friends and those who are rallying with you for your vision - your tribe.

Saturday, in particular, a stroke of inspiration or insight will come and have you writing your ideas on paper (and communicating them with others)! On Sunday, the quarter Moon in Leo will activate you spiritually, or if you have a business venture going, it will drive you to accelerate how you promote whatever you've been creating for the last few weeks.




The recent Aries New Moon seeded new beginnings and realizations in your relationships that will manifest in two weeks on the Full Moon. With the planet governing the lunation (Mars) located in your family zone, the focus recently has been on honoring your roots and ancestors. Partnership is the theme beginning on the lunation, dear Libra. You are being called to relate intimately with another. Before yesterday, Mercury was retrograde which was preventing things from moving forwards due to miscommunications. But now that Mercury started moving direct yesterday, relationships are ready to move forward, and you'll see progress anywhere in your life another individual is concerned. With your ruling planet Venus now situated in Taurus, this is the perfect time for collaborating with others and attracting financial or other kinds of material resources from another.

Monday the Moon moves through Taurus and your sector of 'money borrowed'/'money owed', showing that you may be collecting some expenses. Venus aligned with Jupiter in the sky suggests you will be doing lots of shopping and spending a happy amount of money. Beware of overspending or overindulging. This aspect is magnifying your desire and inclining you to be very generous, but make sure you aren't spending it all or giving everything you have away (unless, of course, you want to). Jupiter is transiting Scorpio and your second house now, amplifying the resources you have to invest, while Venus moving through Taurus inclines you to tap into some credit.

Tuesday, Venus forms a harmonious relationship with Pluto, encouraging some kind of creative collaboration or business dealings with a family member. Wednesday the Moon moves through Gemini and your sector of spirituality so you'll be broadening your communications and reaching out to someone who you haven't been able to link up with recently - a missed connection. The alignment of the Sun and Uranus on Wednesday shows you'll have a playful and exciting connection with another that will enliven your spirit. Expect the unexpected, but at the same time, make sure that the connection is as stable and grounded as possible. Again, this is highlighting the theme of partnership.

Thursday, the Sun shifts into Taurus so the priority for the next couple of weeks may shift into fertilizing a new business or collaboration. Friday the Moon enters Cancer and in your public sector of honor and career. You'll be feeling more sensitive and changeable than usual and it may have something to do with your jo.

Saturday, you will score an opportunity to receive some kind of upgrade related to your physical wellbeing. On Sunday the quarter Moon in Leo strikes a need to reconcile friends/socializing with finance. This would be a wonderful time to celebrate with a lavish evening or dinner with friends.




The Aries New Moon on Sunday night conjured new, somewhat unexpected realizations/opportunities related to your physical well-being. An empowering influence for you, it sets the tone for the next month/couple of weeks: obligations pertaining to writing/learning/communicating your truth. Mercury's move direct signals forward movement related to banks/lenders/credit and friendship.

The Moon's steady passage through Taurus on Monday will set the note for the next couple of days. You'll be extremely grateful for your relationships and/or partner at the start of the week. Venus's alignment with Jupiter in the sky will signal your coming together with another, and the harmony will be beautiful. Likewise on Tuesday, you'll be sharing a substantially profound kinship with someone new and will appreciate how you're able to be fully yourself and still be received with open, loving arms. On

Wednesday the Moon moves through Gemini activating your zone of finance, so you may have to pay back some expenses, loans, or bills. Give attention to the small details, especially regarding your job. Wednesday's conjunction of the Sun and Uranus in Aries will ignite your revolutionary spirit in the way you handle ordinary tasks - you'll want to stand out and do even the basic things in your own impressively original way.

Thursday, the Sun shifts into Taurus and your relationship sector, so the priority will shift from work/obligations to partnership. If you've been writing something as of late, perhaps the people you meet in the next couple of weeks may be able to proofread what you wrote.

Friday the Moon flows through caring Cancer expanding your spiritual world as you tap into new rivers of emotion within your soul. You are ultra-receptive and open now, so make sure to take care as to what subtle energetic vibrations you let in.

Saturday your psychic/intuitive powers of perception will be heightened and you'll be tapped into some visionary energy that will allow you to express yourself creatively and autonomously. Sunday the quarter Moon in Leo signals striking a dynamic balance between career/reputation and relationships. This will be a good time showcase your talents to another!




The recent Aries New Moon activated your creative expression and focus on building your material reserves, assets, and earning income. Perhaps a new creative interest came about unexpectedly, and now you're primed to move forward with regards to your creativity, romance, and leisure pursuits. Something is being stoked inside you and is inspiring you to create and take command of your finances. Mercury's direct motion signals that relationships and career will now start to move forward, enabling you to come out of a period of latency and start being seen.

Monday, the Moon enters Taurus where she will be until Wednesday, so you'll have some obligations and work to attend to. The more intimate you are with the work the more successful you'll be. Venus aligns with Jupiter on Monday, too, showing that you'll be extra indulgent (much more so than usual!), and you'll be spending most of your time keeping to yourself. Still, you'll be creative and able to get a lot of work done.

Tuesday, a harmonious alignment between Venus and Pluto will likely bring you to manifest wealth. Perhaps what you're working on is internet based (this is favored). You'll be catalyzed to magnetize jobs or new work with Venus in your sixth house of employment. Or perhaps you'll receive service from someone talented who can help you jumpstart your new creative project(s). Tuesday is a likely day to receive or ask for support.

Wednesday, the Moon moves through Gemini and your relationship zone making you curious and desiring contact with a romantic partner. At the least, you'll be sharing fun times with someone interesting! The Sun will align with Uranus, as well in your zone of romance, so think outside the box and find innovative and original ways to create or entertain together.

Thursday, the Sun shifts into Taurus and the priority will shift from 'creatively expressing yourself in order to make money' to maintaining your duties and obligations. Friday the Moon flows through Cancer and your eighth house so you'll have to attend to your expenses. You may have an opportunity to borrow money from another.

Saturday, this may involve your family and an opportunity coming from behind the scenes. The quarter Moon in Leo will activate a dynamic tension between spirituality and daily living, or between promoting yourself in the job market.




The Capricorn New Moon recently activated changes at home and brought about active changes in your surroundings. Mercury's direct motion signals progress being with respect to fulfilling your obligations at home/to family and in terms of promoting your work. You're now better able to market yourself and will be received properly as you transmit the core of what you offer.

The Moon moves through Taurus and your fifth house of creative self-expression on Monday so you'll be planting seeds for a new baby that's going to soon be born, whether that is artistic or something more practical and tangible. Venus's alignment with Jupiter will welcome with open arms friends into the mix and you will receive the support of your network regarding the creation that is being nurtured inside of you. Be mindful of overindulging or overspending, as this planetary combination speaks of unrestrained fun, but maybe that's a good thing, since you're usually so serious!

Tuesday, Venus forms a harmonious angle in the sky with Pluto and you'll have the obsessive focus needed to drive this creative project forward. You'll be able to manifest new creations that are both beautiful and suffused with depth, especially on Tuesday.

Then the Moon enters Gemini on Wednesday, where she will be until Friday, in your zone of work and employment, so you might be looking for a job, or fulfilling your obligations at home or to a family member. The Sun's conjunction to Uranus in your fourth house suggests a hearty desire to move to the beat of your own drum at home and focus on doing your own thing, being proactive, etc.

Thursday the Sun enters Taurus, shifting the focus from private concerns centered around your physical body and towards creative expression. The next 30 days will be a fertile, fun, and especially creative time for you, and you'll be proud of all the things that you birth into being - each a work of art.

Friday and Saturday the Moon will flow through Cancer and your relationship zone, so partnership will be on your mind - and your relationships with others in a wider sense.

Saturday may present an opportunity in community and involve a compassionate, even miraculous conversation with someone who inspires you with their love. Sunday, the quarter Moon in Leo may require you to invest into your creativity. It's all a part of the bigger cosmic plan. Don't resist. And resist non-resisting, too.




The recent Aries New Moon conjured new beginnings/opportunities/realizations related to personal communications and expression of your voice. You have some idea incubating right now but it's not ready to be released just yet. The Full Moon in Scorpio in a couple of weeks may be the perfect time to share your thoughts/ideas with the public. Mercury has recently moved direct which is enabling you to move forward and to communicate more effectively, free of the vice of misinterpretation.

Monday, the Moon moves through Taurus in your home/family/domestic sector where she will be until Wednesday, bringing you to stay at home. With Venus in alignment with Jupiter, this is an ideal time to splurge on new belongings and decorate your home. Relations with family is thriving now.

Tuesday, Venus forms a harmonious angle with Pluto so you may  have some secrets to keep from your family, or perhaps you'll share a penetrating appreciation for spirituality and the unseen dimensions of life. Your shadow self may emerge to be seen and receive the light of love and familial support.

Wednesday the Moon moves through Gemini so creative expression is on your mind and will likely take the shape in powerful and motivational writing/conversations. Your ideas are super original and revolutionary, which makes it all the more impressive right now, seen by the alignment of the Sun and Uranus!

Thursday, the Sun enters Taurus and your fourth house so the new priority of life will be on your home and domestic life. You'll still inward, but no longer as secluded as you may have been for the last few weeks.

Friday and Saturday the Moon flows through compassionate Cancer in your sector of work/employment/obligations, so you'll be focused on the small tasks in your daily life.

Saturday an opportunity for a promotion or some form of advancement may be in order and may involve earning income.

Sunday's quarter Moon in Leo will bring a degree of tension in resolving your desire to be at home with your need to have fun and play with companions who inspire you. If there is someone who you are wanting to spend time with, consider inviting this person to your home - then you can have the best of both worlds!




The recent New Moon in Aries activated new beginnings/opportunities/realizations in your ability to manifest money by appealing to your friends and social networks. Now that Mercury has moved direct, the result is that you will start seeing forward movements in your relationship and domestic life, which means less disagreements and more understanding in your communications.

Monday, the Moon moves through Taurus and your third house of communications so you will have some lovely thoughts to express, and you will do so sweetly in a way that is attractive and compelling. Venus's alignment with Jupiter will increase your desire to travel and/or expand your mind. You may splurge on a trip or in an effort to educate yourself on some issue that you are really passionate about. This will present you with opportunities to share meaningful conversations with others.

Tuesday Venus aligns harmoniously with Pluto deepening your desire to communicate with your tribe and form beneficial allegiances that will support you in achieving your hopes and dreams. Wednesday, the Moon will move through Gemini which will help you earn money from home, or from a land maybe? Either way, it should be favorable for driving your assets forward and generating resources.

Wednesday, also, the Sun conjoins Uranus in your second house of earned income, so this is a second testimony that you may arrive at revolutionary ways to make money. You'll want to go to the beat of your own drum with all financial decisions and not follow the norm - it's about standing out and being your wacky, unique self exactly as you are.

Thursday the Sun moves into Taurus which will shift the focus from networking and socializing to expressing your ideas in the next couple of weeks.

Friday the Moon will flow into Cancer in your zone of creativity and fun, so a great way to make the most of it is to cook and entertain at home. If you have a child you'll enjoy time bonding.

The Moon plugs into Jupiter and Neptune on Saturday so you'll be creatively expressing yourself and may receive visionary insights about yourself and inspiration that will help you promote your work. Feel in to your inner experience and all answers will be revealed.

The quarter Moon in Leo will create a dynamic tension between your desire to express yourself sweetly and kindly and your need to fulfill your obligations. The more simply and lovingly you communicate, the better.