If only we knew the magic and power of what the cosmos can reveal to us...

The truth is awakening comes in a flash when we unite with a grander perspective gifted to us by the cosmos —and when we align with our greatest Self. To ask, what's the purpose of my life? Where am I heading, and what's my way onward and upward? How can I find—and experience—real and unconditional love? ...or any one of a variety of exisential-esque questions is normal, for this is the process of finding meaning amidst the paradoxes of the human experience.

Fortunately, your astrological blueprint, imprinted upon your being the moment you were born is a means to answer such questions—and is your unique roadmap to the actualization of your greatest desires. Below you will find a list of the 11 Best Ways an Astrology Reading Can Help You.

Within the context of your humanness and within the context of your unique circumstances.

  1. Discover why you are already where you need to be and already amazing
  2. Understand and optimally align with the unique course your life is guiding you along
  3. Actualize your authentic self, life purpose, and sacred calling
  4. Realize your special strengths so that you can know―and powerfully align with―your life's great purpose, your mission, and your heartfelt desires
  5. Update negative patterns with positive ones and release old scripts that may be holding you back from manifesting what you truly want
  6. Liberate yourself from self-doubt, uncertainty, limiting beliefs, and a scarcity mindset
  7. Awaken clarity, vision, and perspective regarding your life’s unfoldment
  8. Restore peace, make better decisions, tap into your inherent wholeness, accept life’s circumstances, build your will, and empower your life!
  9. Learn more about your emotional heart, wants and needs in relationship
  10. Illuminate your love compatibility and romantic chemistry with another
  11. Co-create even more love and intimacy―within yourself—and with your partner

If only you knew the magic and power of what your astrology can reveal to you...

"I am here as a guide for your personal awakening. With precision and intuitive focus, we'll delve to the root of your concerns and hold a sacred space for self-transformation and actualization."