Navigate Your Life Path

This astrological work is especially for you if you want to make sense of your personal evolution—reflected in your dynamic astrology i.e. transits, progressions and more; discover the evolutionary trajectory your path is taking you on; optimally align with the timeline of your life’s unfolding course; have your premiere places on the globe astro*mapped.
Questions This Reading May Address:

  • I get a sense my life is changing, but how? What direction am I heading in?
  • How can I make sense of and navigate the timeline of my life’s progression?
  • What celestial energies are negatively influencing me; how can I best remediate them?
  • What milestones and challenges should I be aware of in the near future?
  • What is the next chapter of my life and optimal timing and location for beginning it?
  • What are my power locations for abundance, love, happiness and success?

Fee: $150 for one hour session that includes a downloadable audio recording