Crystallization and Astrology

     In qualitative research, one commonly used technique is ‘triangulation’, in which the researcher “triangulates in” on the truth or reality of a person, thing, or situation she is trying to research, insofar as it is thought to exist. Richardson (2000, pp. 934) describes triangulation from another perspective, one that has illuminated my approach to and perspective on astrology: “I propose that the central image for ‘validity’  for postmodern texts [on qualitative research] is not the triangle – a rigid, fixed, two-dimensional object. Rather, the central image is the crystal, which combines symmetry and substance with an infinite array of shapes, substances, transmutations, multidimensionalities, and angles of approach.”
     It’s interesting to note that most astrologers adhere to the ‘rule of threes’: “do not make a claim based on a person's chart unless you see that theme repeated three times or more times.” In this way, astrologers seek to hone-in on, or triangulate, the individual’s truth or reality, based on major chart themes and repetitions. Still, the human being is so complex, and often people who know little of astrology have been unfortunately conditioned by society to believe that astrology locks you into one way of being – that the human being, and life, is deterministic and absolute rather than multifaceted, relativistic, and complex.
     Richardson’s notion of crystallization has inspired me to re-visit my perspective on the astrological birth chart (the development of which is a constant work in progress and in my belief should be for every astrologer). To adapt his idea to the birth chart, the human being is an infinitely complex and multifaceted crystal, combining “...symmetry and substance with an infinite variety of shapes, substances, transmutations, multidimensionalities, and angles of approach.” What then is the purpose of astrology? To guide one into the awareness of their being at all levels – to turn on a lamp so that people have the ability to understand how they identify themselves, their feelings, thoughts, values, goals, motivations, truths, duties – and the overall subjectivity with which they view the world – with greater help them perceive the gem that is them.
     To enter into one’s awareness of self via astrology is to begin the process of “crystallization” and become the person who you were always meant to become. Crystallization is about awakening to your individuality and letting the divine energies flow within and through you. As Gabriel Cousens discussed in a seminar that I once had the privilege of attending, humans are multidimensional beings who are engaged in various dimensions of life – physical, emotional, mental, energetic, existential, astral, and spiritual) – and our purpose as human beings is to simultaneously live in all of these various dimensions. This is what I think of when I conceptualize astrology. Crystallization. The purpose of astrology is to *crystallize* in the deep soul awareness of yourself at all levels. Once you’ve done this, life will take care of the rest.