Mercury-Jupiter in the Mystic Sky in the Lion

     Early on Thursday, August 6 2015 to Saturday, August 8, 2015, Mercury conjoins Jupiter at the end of Leo offering us a blissful opportunity to expand our perception of what is possible for us in our lives. The planet of thinking is **happy** to meet the "greater benefic" (Jupiter) that bestows generous, resplendant, and  vitalizing blessings and allows us to see countless bright opportunities of which we were formerly unaware. Now, our minds are able to see it all...true inspiration...and we are curious to explore the vast expanses of what is possible for us in the future. New truths will dawn in the mind and elevate our consciousness, helping us to draw in greater joy and prosperity in our lives!
     Mercury-Jupiter in Leo speaks of big, visionary thinkers, broad and brilliant minds adept at understanding the implications of ideas and discerning new truths. As a conjunction that translates into "mental realization", new insights are sure to come at this opportunistic time as we open up to new ways of viewing the world and our thinking process itself, which is readying to become more critical, rational, and practical as Mercury and Jupiter prepare to enter Virgo, the sign of the analyzing and discriminating faculties of the psyche. So today we have new more optimistic and enthusiastic ways of reasoning things out that allows us to draw firm conclusions and judgments while still welcoming in new information that will benefit us.
     Conversations now are expansive but may err on the side of speculative and exaggerated, so pay attention to the grandiosity of what you or others say. Balance your speech with temperance. Leo-Virgo is a very practical and entrepreneurial cusp so when the planet of commerce (Mercury) and (opportunity) link up we will have new and stimulating ideas of what’s possible that can inform our productivity and future business endeavors. As the greater benefic, Jupiter promises the ability to bring greater unification of ideas while amping up the mental antennae. Just make sure you're attuning to high vibrations!
     Because the conscious, reasoning mind (Mercury) and the super-conscious, intuitive mind (Jupiter) are synced up, this a great time to re-wire your consciousness towards higher and more expansive pursuits and expand what your sight is set think big and breathe fresh life into old, dated thought patterns that have made you feel isolated or separate. This is a scholarly and learning-centric combination that ensures a widened scope through which to view the world. Thus, if there is any need for you to have a heightened awareness of future trends and make reasonable predictions based on sound guidance, the time is superb. Your wisdom and insights are likely to be spot on, so trust in your judgment, the universe and bask in the light of your luminosity. Infuse your interpretations with a more positive spin!
     However, it is important that you beware of saying too much and follow your inner guidance. Your interpretations of world events and trends are going to take on heightened meaning and significance at this time. Ideas that may have seemed small or crazy in the past can be made much more appealing, marketable, and captivating to a wider audience, so be willing to take some risk. Judgments are well-evaluated when the Moon is in Taurus (until Friday night), and the brilliance of what is bound to pour out of your brain is uncharacteristically inspired and active beginning Saturday, when the Moon shifts gears into Gemini - the trickster and clever sign. At this time, you will be able to see all the diversity of inputs and information available comprising the puzzle and decode it in a clairvoyant kind of way. Take one piece at a time and then group together all the strands so that you are able to comprehend the totality of whatever it is you are working on. Either way, see the big picture you will.
     This is a good time for catching up on your e-mails, for trade and bargaining, as Jupiter’s influence on Mercury makes it easy to communicate and promote, sell, and disseminate your ideas potently to others - and to the masses. This will require lots of discussion and mediating different perspectives, so pay attention to the nervousness, hyperactivity or restlessness of your mind and set a strong and powerful intention to watch the contents of your mind and not get carried away by future possibilities. Stay present in the here and now and rest your nervous system a little if you can. This may take great willpower and deliberation, a conscious choice to stay true to your heart. This is a fantastic time for spiritual exploration, learning, and travel, as all of these activities offer you endless possibilities for expanding and stimulating your mind in the way that you now crave. Reading, studying, writing, and just generally authoring yourself are all highlighted. Meditate on your ideas and see what truths fill your consciousness with light!
     It is recommended that you avoid unrealistic, elitist generalizations or over-dramatizations, particularly of the verbal variety. Transcend your thinking by welcoming in more cosmic thoughts, sounds, and stimuli. Intellectual concepts can be useful and fascinating now, but don’t limit yourself to them! Learning experiences and philosophical dialogues help you tap into greater and higher truths that promise to guide your life – these will be more prosperously available to you now so enjoy the blessings. Mercury-Jupiter intelligence would always be wisely tempered by Saturn intelligence – maturity, caution, preparation, and greater quality and reservation of thought. Ensure that your thinking has been carefully planned or mapped out before acting on it, even if it seems unnecessary, as this will result in less need for repairs or edits later in the month when Mercury and Jupiter enter Virgo. Be righteous in your thinking yet unassuming in your convictions, which are stronger than usual.
     This is a wonderful time to map out your life and dream up future directions, to navigate the realms of thought at an abstract and practical level (more so when Moon is in Taurus Thursday and Friday) without acting on impulse. The timing is ripe for vast intelligence that informs every aspect of life and leads to future gains. Align the compass of your mind, center your thoughts, unraveling your ideas, and orient your things are about to open up to you if you are willing to believe and able to find an effective way to ground your discoveries. Mind-mapping, mantra walks, and earthing will help you to integrate these new discoveries.