How to Be Authentically You

      Nobody taught us how to be ourselves....

     And because of that we end up feeling lost, alone, and alienated.

     Our parents taught us how to be them, whether they realize it or not. Our school teachers taught us how to learn to be like others. The collective tug of society instructs us that we are to fit into a tiny mold of what we ‘ought’ to be...

     But how often does someone step in our shoes and look within our hearts to see who we are, what we are made of, and instruct us in sensible ways to align with ourselves, with our own truth, with our own true north and the source of our fulfillment?

     On one level our happiness is collective, but on another level it’s deeply personal.

     It’s a rare and special individual who sees our light because they see their own, and guides us into the achievement of our most lofty pursuits. Anything is possible when we are radiating our light and warmth and tapped into our authenticity.

     We must learn how to blaze our light, for the world benefits by our presence in great and powerful ways.

     Most of my work here at Sky Mystic Astrology centers on bringing people into their divine flow and aligning them with their True North – that truth that when most people hear they can just feel it’s right.

     Have you ever known something, that you couldn’t exactly explain…until later it proves true? Imagine the power of having that affirmed before it comes to fruition.

     What would that allow you to change? What would that enable you to manifest in your life?

     Our experience of reality is constantly being shaped by our thoughts and has been molded by our conditionings.

     It’s at these and other levels that I empower my clients to tune in.

     Through understanding, I help people discover their authentic expression, live consciously and coherently, establish internal resonance, and make sense of the “synchronicities” of their lives.

     I work at the metaphysical dimension of insight and awareness to bring a person in touch with their truth and their soul’s light.

     But that’s not all! Working at this dimension usually has a trickle-down effect, releasing powerful stores of emotion and clearing the way for real manifestation and abundance...

     Your True North is that place where you know your life is unfolding in divine harmony with your destiny. This is what the wisdom traditions of the East call ‘dharma’.

     When you’re living your dharma, you feel whole. You feel integrally aligned. You feel fulfilled. But most of all, you have faith that everything is right about you, and what’s not, you have the tools and means to change.

     My greatest goal in working with my clients is to take them to that 'sweet spot' where they no longer need my support–well, with the exception of yearly check-ins and further navigational insights.

Until next time,