The Human Kaleidoscope

     Sky Mystic Astrology – what I call Astrophenomenology – is dedicated to understanding and finding meaning and purpose within the context of individual life experiences.
     We all have a Sun sign that shows our heart, Spirit, and life aspiration based on our season and hemisphere (north or south) of birth - but we also have a Moon sign that shows our emotional imprint, Soul and feeling nature.
     We all have our own unique blueprint - called the astromap....and in this map you will discover you also have a Mercury sign, a Venus sign, a Mars sign, a Jupiter sign, a Saturn sign, and more! The different symbols in your birthmap all offer potent insights about who you are, what you've experienced, and where you're heading.
     During a premium astrological reading, we look at every dimension of individuality:
Ascendant = Consciousness – what is your awareness and modus operandi?
Midheaven = Self-Actualization – what have you come here to this world to do?
Sun = Wholeness and Intention – what you desire and aspire to feel whole.
Moon = Reaction function – what you require and need in order to comforted.
Mercury = Rational function – your unique style of thinking and articulating.
Venus = Cohesion function – your love and appreciation and merriment style.
Mars = Assertion function – what gets you fired up, driven, and passionate?
Jupiter = Exploration function – what makes you feel most expansive and inspired?
Saturn = Inhibition function – what weights do you carry that hold you back?
Uranus = Revolution function – how will you awaken in your life and break free?
Neptune = Imagination function – how do you experience illusions and resignation?
Pluto = Transformation function – how will you be metamorphosed and "reborn"?
     There are 12 Dimensions of the Individual (stated above). 12 Attitudinal “Lenses” (Zodiacal signs). 12 Areas of Life (Astrological Houses in which they play out in the field of your consciousness)
     Each of the planets and points be in any one of the 12 signs and any one of the 12 houses....This makes for a complex personality system that offers treasure troves of insight about personal life experiences.
     Astrology is the most complete, elaborate, and holistic system for understanding the individual known to humanity, since time immemorial. It has existed for thousands of years. Some believe it goes back to the time of Atlantis.
     Past. Present. And Future. It’s all about knowing yourself. Loving yourself. Finding peace with yourself. And your unique spiritual journey.