The Great Miracle: A Blueprint of Consciousness

     This morning I was reflecting on how my life has been so deeply touched by astrology, and I had a revelation so profound that I *can’t believe* I didn’t discover this sooner. Many earnest spiritual seekers everywhere have been accessing their heart space through meditation and the allied disciplines of yoga, tantra, chi gung, etc. There is truly only one path: all paths merge on the road to universal consciousness. And yet, we all know deep in our hearts that we all are living our own individual journey.

     Given an infinite number of possible roads we can travel on our way to the summit of consciousness, what I realized in meditation this morning is: what a great miracle that each of us has been provided our own unique spiritual blueprint and 'instructions' through the astrological birth map, the map of planetary consciousness at the time of our birth. In one picture, you can unravel everything there is to know about your unique journey in this life. Everything you have ever wondered about your self - and journey - can be understood here....honestly.

     Astrology is a true science of self-realization. Meditation, prayer, hatha yoga, selfless service, discerning wisdom, devotion to the divine…these are the highest of spiritual paths for they all transcend the dual nature of darkness and light. But the miracle is: Whatever our path is we have been blessed with our own spiritual instructions the exact moment of our birth – the moment we were infused with Prana, our very first breathe and life force, we came here with special Karma that was to be sorted out in this lifetime.

     Imagine this: you're searching everywhere in the vast oasis of spiritual consciousness for a hidden treasure. You know it is there, here, somewhere, but where is it? Some of us, by luck, may stumble on this treasure, but for how many of us does this really apply? The majority of us require a map, a blueprint, which like the divine sound (mantras), will carry us to the other shore of life. By contemplating the birth map, we can be the perfect manifestations of God that we were meant to be – totally unlike anyone else. We can realize our Oneness by learning to embody all astrological archetypes.

     This awareness allows us to be *lived by God* rather than live in the illusion that we are the cause of anything, for at the deepest level, as Gabriel Cousens says, “You can’t lose what you never had. You can’t gain what you never lost.” The law of manifestation surely works, but it is not so much by our doing as it is by our receiving. This is being lived by God – knowing again and again that we are not the cause but the vehicle for enlightened living. The birth map allows us to see and tap into our highest spiritual potential by supporting our spiritual work. It adds color and shape to what otherwise might have been totally elusive to us. It is the blueprint by which we can attain our unique version of spiritual mastery. What a true blessing and miracle that we have been given such a divinely ordained mandala.