The Lessons of the Acorn

     Just as the acorn requires a shell but eventually needs to outgrow it in order to become the oak tree, so too the human being must leave behind all egoic and selfish attachments in order to become what it is finally meant to be - a vehicle for enlightened consciousness.
     To attain the final destination one must free oneself of what it is not and release fully to the universe, having faith and trusting in the process of purification.
     Are you the acorn or are you the oak? For the acorn to become the oak, it must abandon its shell. Egoic identifications are just the vessel, keeping us protected and safe. They help us interact and interface with the world.
     To become what we must and have a new reality crystallize in consciousness, we must loosen egoic identifications and be open to that unknown existence beyond the confines of who we think we are. We must use our egos wisely, as tools.
     Most of the vastness of the world lies *outside* the acorn's shell. Yet we humans cling to our egoic shells - and everything that's in it - rather than risk venturing boldly forth into the unknown, where lies the true possibility for a more permanent state of joy. That is the next step of our evolution.
     **Accolades for this stunning video go to video and filmographer, Neil Bromhall. Thankful to him for the many lessons his art has brought us all...about life itself.