The Secret Gem of Astrology

     What if the moment we were born explained everything? And who we are, though not permanently etched in stone, was laid out before us like an ancient map depicting the way to a buried treasure? What if every one of us – regardless of our race, creed, ethnicity, or culture – had a unique course to follow that would lead to our eventual fulfillment? What if every significant event that has ever transpired in our lives could be consciously recollected and understood, allowing us to release our deeply ingrained traumas and embrace our life path with wholehearted consciousness? What if there was a precise system or science to help us discover who we are and what we are here to experience - our "reason for living"? What if there was a brilliant blueprint of the soul that could help us welcome in greater prosperity in all areas of our life by helping us align with our heart and heed its call? What if there was a way to deconstruct our life and use its secrets to unlock the full potential of our humanity?

     Astrology is a system – a language and code – which, when deconstructed, has the capacity to change our life. Imagine for a moment an ant, who can walk upside down and around but doesn't know it is walking in 3 dimensions, nor does it know of gravity. To us the ant is a miracle worker defying gravity, and yet the ant is simply using all of the tools and means available to it – sturdy legs, long antennae, and sensitivity to touch and vibration. The tools are useful, and the ant’s use of them is deliberate. Like the ant, most of us do not realize the full extent of the tools, resources, and means that are available to us; there is another mystical dimension to life that appears to have been concealed from most of us. From our vantage point, the ant continues to defy human laws and physics. Yet from another vantage point, new possibilities emerge. This hidden dimension of life that we examine at Sky Mystic Astrology is the apparent positions of the heavenly bodies and their potential correlations with personality, character, temperament, and circumstance. And real-life world events, at both the individual (microcosmic) and collective (macrocosmic) levels.

     This brings us to our next point: what, is astrology? This is no easy question, for few fields are as complex and deep an interweaving of science and mysticism. Astrology is a system of self-awareness, a means for discovering our essential nature at the level of what the yogis call "prakriti" - the phenomenal universe. This is not to be confused with discovering our divine nature - which transcends time, space, and causality, and is often discovered in meditation or through mystical revelations. Astrology’s domain is the manifest world, which is but a small reflection of the divine order reflected in the stars. The planets and stars carry influences both subtle and gross, near and far-reaching; ultimately though, astrology is a humanistic science concerned with our individual natures as human beings, with all of its complex passages and the obstacles that are apart of the journey. Astrology, like yoga, is concerned with the removal of obstacles. It is a tool that can help any conscious being – regardless of belief – come to terms fully with what it means to be a human being – one who relates with others. It is a living embodiment of the law of karma – “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” In fact, through astrology, one may come to see karma quite clearly. For the entire astrological chart (horoscope) is a reflection of our karmic past and dharmic future.

     Astrology is a language based on a system of symbols; it allows us to interpret and understand the sacred messages of the stars. According to American astrologer Dane Rudhyar, "Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you." Astrology's "sentences" are densely meaningful. For instance, to an astrologer, “Saturn in Taurus in the 8th house Opposite Sun in Scorpio in the 2nd” carries wondrous depths of insight about a person that could be unraveled in many pages of in-depth analysis. Again, it’s not permanently etched in stone, for human volition really does matter, but most of what an astrologer interprets from this code will be highly relevant and correlated with that person’s life. Astrology is a tradition that has been fine-tuned over the last several thousand years. Periodically it is lost due to societal upheaval or unrest, but it is always re-discovered. For humankind has always an indefatigable need to discover our higher place in the cosmos. Astrology has been around long before even complex systems of mathematics have developed. In fact, math, physics, and astronomy developed as a result of human need to understand nature’s cycles by aligning with agriculture and astrology.

     The astrological tradition encompasses elements of psychology, philosophy, mythology, spirituality, and experiential awareness. In recent times, especially with the advent of the computer and computer software, traditional methods of astrology have been further refined through both formal and informal research. Many, including my friend David Cochrane who owns Cosmic Patterns, continue to dedicate themselves to this noble endeavor, to continue the process of discovery amidst a healthy skepticicm and curiosity. In this author's opinion, it's great to question the structure of truth on which astrology has been laid, as it creates a sturdier foundation for our connection to the subject, ourselves, others, and the cosmos.

     To draw a parallel with our earlier analogy, whereas the ant has sturdy legs, long antennae, and sensitivity to touch and vibration as its tools, the astrologer has planets, signs, houses, aspects, midpoints, transits, progressions, eclipses, retrograde cycles and return charts. Used together, these tools allow the astrologer to not just describe an individual’s personality based on where the planets were at the time that she was born, but to distill meaning form the turn of events as life continues to unfold. It’s not a superpower, it’s a science. And it must be used carefully, with discriminating wisdom. The astrologer has no crystal ball, and most of the conclusions are drawn from just a few 'charts' depicting a wheel with a host of symbols on it. Whereas the ant’s tools allow it to walk circles around ropes despite gravity’s inevitable pull, the astrologer’s tools allow him to understand the turn of events from past, present, and future amidst the ceaseless movements of life. That’s not to say the story is always exactly certain to the astrologer, just as the message on the Rosetta stone is not absolutely certain to the Egyptologist. However, through dialogue with the client, the astrologer has a unique capacity to help unravel our life story. It’s insight, and the more information that the client provides, the more depth in the astrological interpretation.

     Questions of timing are a key component of the astrological reading. The timing of illness, fortune or misfortune, romance or marriage, career success, and spiritual growth are of primary concern for most. The aim of Sky Mystic Astrology is to nurture and support worldly fulfillment for the client on every level with the understanding that this exercise is, to some extent, a tool for spiritual realization. Astrology can be used to predict likely times for a new romance to develop, for marriage, for a child to be brought into the world, but that doesn't mean we should limit or attach ourselves to these interpretations. The real benefit lies in guiding the unfolding of the mystery of our story. In fact, the birth chart (we each have our own) holds the potential for determining when a person is likely to meet the love of his life, get married, and have kids. Moreover, the astrological chart offers this information quite readily, sometimes even in just seconds. There lies the miracle of this map.

     But the fact is life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Things do happen (for better and worse) and part of the astrological reading entails preparing a person for difficult times from a place of calm resilience and deep encouragement. Knowing what can go ‘wrong’ is sometimes enough for a person to exercise life-changing volition and guide the turn of events for the best. Astrology can be used also to understand a person’s present predicaments and relationships. The study of relationships (synastry) is a rich area of astrology that requires the astrologer to carefully study the horoscopes of each of the partners (and of the relationship itself!) and use this to expound on the relevant dynamics of the relationship between any two people. Questions of compatibility are of paramount important for marriage. Perhaps the most interesting application of astrology, in my opinion, is using it to come to terms with past wounds and emotional pains. When I had the revelation of the deeper karmic significance of my somewhat pained "Venus-Pluto in Scorpio in my 6th house" and how it has brought specific patterns to play out in companionship since I was 3 years old, I was brought to tears. If a child comes from a divorced family or a broken home, this may be readily seen in the horoscope. Not all astrologers are equipped to deal with this with sensitivity, though. And a client must be mindful to protect their buried traumas with tender loving care.

     However, it’s one thing to see what has unfolded in the past, but it’s quite another to see when and how it unfolded. For example, a person who displays controlling or fear-based behavior around people of the opposite gender may want to shine light on this tendency but may be stifled to know exactly how. For example, astrology can be used to pinpoint that this pattern originated when the person was fourteen as a result of the divorce of her parents, and that her mother may hold the key to coming to terms with the present challenges. Knowing this information is powerful and opens up worlds of healing potential when guided with wisdom. For any challenge of inhibition from the past can be understood in the context of the individual’s unique history and lived experiences. By understanding where the challenge arises from, one can go to the very root of the imbalance and work gradually to heal it from the deepest recesses of the heart. Thus, astrology can work wonders for understanding and coming to terms with the past. It’s not that we would like to or dwell on our past, but by understanding it more deeply and where we are originating from, we are better able to understand our unique soul journey and live more fully in the present. Ultimately, astrology is a portal into healing (the restoration of a felt sense of oneness with self, others, and cosmos) and actualization.