Pisces Season: A Wonderful Time of the Year

     Pisces season is one of my FAVORITE times of the year.
     During this soulful and mystical time period, we have access to sacred and otherworldly dimensions of consciousness that transcend ordinary forms of knowing, making this a great time to envision goals.
     Think of it as a kind of incubation before the Spring/Aries season when actualization occurs. Pisces season reminds us to call forth our imagination and peer beyond the illusions of reality to INTUITIVELY realize the truth.
     You'll know you're on the right track when you notice a nebulous feeling, a déjà vu, a wonderfully chance occurrence, or a seemingly impossible synchronicity.
     During this time, our emotional ideals, dreams, compassion, blissful self, charity, and enlightenment consciousness preside.
     Divine love and mystical insights are fluid and more connected with universal source energies than usual. Life is seen as a beautiful ebb and flow filled with unfathomable ripples of miraculous opportunity.
     During this season, a unification of our consciousness takes place that allows us to see new possibilities in our lives, which presents us with a new opportunity for *hopefulness*.
     The full spectrum of our human emotions is experienced and brings us to dance between the ephemeral pulls of sorrow and joy.
     Everything is embraced. The totality of the round of life is accepted as one with universal life energy. We are being lead to merge with the highest.
     Dreamers, mystical poets, inspired artists, magical musicians, psychic phenomena, empaths, illusionists, wanderers, navigators, contemplators, yogis, meditators, visionaries, transcenders, seers, mystics, metaphysicians, oracles and miracles all fall under the natural significations of this sacred and final sign of the zodiac.
     Attune now to your divinity. Follow your HEART. Feel the holographic *pulse* flowing through your veins and the yearnings of your soul.
     Align with your universal tides and feel into the *best* choices, for if you do, unbelievable possibilities and treasures are awaiting your discovery in the oceans of consciousness.
     "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls."
~Joseph Campbell, Mythologist, Venus in Universally Loving Pisces