The Astrology of the California Wildfires

                   Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash

Driving down Route 101 yesterday to escape the polluted Berkeley air, with my cat in tow, I was heading down to Southern California for a weekend getaway.

Since my cat, Lenny, has a history of lung dis-ease, I couldn't risk staying.

My instincts told me not to take any chances and to leave. Thankfully my brother offered me safe haven with fresh air.

While in transit, I was describing the astrological significance of the recent events, and I wanted to share it with you, too.

Because I’m a stand for the truth that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. When we realize this and remain open to the universe’s magic, life gets EASIER... We discover greater meaning, hope, and purpose, and our capacity for joy expands.

Join me on a profound journey into consciousness for a moment as we ponder the California wildfires from an astrological perspective….

Shining major love on all those who are affected. My heart is deeply with you and I'm praying for your safety. <3

“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”—Dane Rudhyar

SKEPTIC’S NOTE: I like to use astrology to "predict the past" (the great Mark Jones) more than to “foretell the future”, but alas, my ethos is: EVERYTHING happens for a reason, which 90% of the time can be understood and described cosmically.

Most things that unfold in this material world—including accidents—can be explained through astrological science.

As subjective as it is, astrology is still a science, but only when it is rooted in empirical observation (How I Practice).

As I've heard suggested in a lecture by Rick Tarnas, the esteemed Archetypal Astrologer, the predictive value of astrology rests in its ability to describe the 'tectonics of our times.'

FACT: The California Wildfires began *two days before* Jupiter entered Scorpio in the Tropical Zodiac.

Jupiter’s movement in the sky often brings major societal change and even global shifts.

CLAIM: As apocalyptic as it might sound, I see that the California Wildfires ARE astrologically signified by Jupiter in Scorpio and it's "ruler", Mars, in Virgo.

The celestial spheres always convey a certain potentiality that may or may not actualize.

Let me describe to you how this event is reflected as *one possible* expression of the ‘potentiality’ emblazoned on the sky.

Jupiter entering Scorpio signifies *major societal change*—potentially involving the intense scorching (Scorpio) of the dry, barren earth (Virgo—where the traditional ruler of Scorpio is found). Hence the California Wildfires.

This isn't prophecy; it's *hindsight*. We already know the reality of what is happening. The question becomes: is it written in the sky? If so, how?

Scorpio is the sign associated with waste, demolition, decay, and destruction.

Scorpionic ashes allow for new growth. Hence, Jupiter entering Scorpio foretells the necessary breakdowns that will allow for new growth (when Jupiter enters Scorpio for the next 13 months).

Scorpio is ruled by the red-hot, fiery planet Mars.

And yes two days prior to Jupiter's entrance into Scorpio the California Wildfires began. This is not a coincidence.

However, this didn't have to occur, it was simply a *potential* that *happened* to manifest. WHY?

It all has to do with Scorpio's ruling planet, Mars. Because Mars was moving through the Tropical Zodiac sign of Virgo—a sign that's associated with the Earth element—at the time of Jupiter's entrance into Scorpio, what got burnt? The EARTH became hot and caught fire.


Traditionally, Virgo is a dry and barren sign (along with Gemini and Leo). Thus Mars in Virgo represents the dry, barren earth (think: California drought!) becoming hot and having caught fire).

When I think of SCORpio, I think about the potential SCORching & SCORnful side of this intense and transformative sign.

Scorpio is not only known for its instinctive sense of urgency, survival complexes, and disruptive experiences, but also for regeneration.

There is a cathartic, cataclysmic, turbulent and metamorphosing aspect to this sign. It brings us to come face-to-face with the darkness.

Scorpio speaks of humankind's embattled efforts to predominate over nature and overcome the physical elements—to control and contain them.

Like a sorcerer of infinite power.

The Scorpion is one of the few creatures in nature that, when cornered by a predator, will choose to destroy itself. This is the sign of destruction.

As things come to an end, we come to terms with one of the deepest truths (Jupiter in Scorpio) of our existence: impermanence.

Everything must die. Everything turns to ashes. Nothing lasts forever.

Scorpio reminds us that the darkness is as much a part of the whole as the light.

And Jupiter’s sojourn in Scorpio is revealing the truth (Jupiter) of what’s deeply buried inside, the fears and taboos tucked away behind the closet.

Jupiter is Guru in the Indian system, which is to say it is the dispeller of the darkness of ignorance, and it is the celestial revealer of truths. Jupiter in Scorpio is dispelling the ignorance we have regarding the nature of catastrophe and transformation.

What's possible: this powerful year, we have the opportunity to realize the full depth of the human experience, in all its fragility.

Buckle your seat-belts. This is going to be a HELLuva 13 month journey—astrological pun intended.

I would imagine that Mars entering Tropical Libra (and the Moon exiting Tropical Scorpio) on Sunday the 22nd should mark the official end of the California Wildfire nightmares.

Sending heartfelt love and prayers to all who are affected <3