In Search of the Self? Start Here!

Photo Credit: Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine

     There is a real power in having someone engage in profound conversation with us rooted in their knowledge of our astrology and its potentialities – and many facets of the self, the authentic self, with all its complexity, that can be discovered.

     I approach astrology deliberately, using it as a contemplative tool for promoting breakthrough insights into our authentic self, for the purpose of reminding us of our inherent wholeness and what’s truly possible in life.

     Discovering the facets of potential inscribed in your birth chart is like shining a light on the power within. Think of it like a kaleidoscope. Turn the kaleidoscope and an amazing new image appears. Astrological conversations like these help us to reveal the deeper facets of our inner experience that truly allow our life to flower when we can see them and love them in their totality.

     It is only by deeply knowing myself that I am capable of ever being content with another. Before we come to that point, all of the "programs" and cosmic patterns are running us. Programs rooted in trauma, disconnectedness, dissociation, rejection, pain, disillusionment, despair, etc… The list goes on. I have seen it in my own life. Many of these I have awakened to. Each day brings new awakenings.

     I won’t say I have the answer, but what I will say is that astrology offers the great potential for karmic and metaphysical healing. When we can understand ourselves so truly that all life circumstance is held in our purview, we start to understand the parts of ourselves, previously unresolved, which we have been externalizing onto life. In this light, every struggle is a wake-up call. Every experience on our horizon has deep meaning.

     Astrology, at its best, supports the illumination of consciousness. It uplifts our awareness. It reminds us of our inner nature, the external reality of things, and our authentic self. In a greater sense, it helps us discern between what is real and unreal. It is a tool for mastering ourselves. Astrology used deliberately, and with the discriminating wisdom that is the hallmark of the Jnana Yogi, allows us to return to a state of wholeness (heal) and tap into our authentic power (actualize) by presenting us with breakthrough insights.

     As a yogi, I aspire to transcend the limiting precepts of my physical, emotional, mental, and energy bodies. They all are limited fields of experience. To embody all levels of existence at once. That said we can't transcend the self until we have discovered the core essence of the self which is to be transcended.

     We must know ourselves deeply and truly at these various levels that we may go beyond it where we can know the magic and power of what astrology can reveal to us. The astrological journey, rightly trekked, is a mystical, shamanic, and healing one. But it's also a practical undertaking.

     What nobler a pursuit than the pursuit of Self, for the Self?

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