Marinate in the Depths of Love the Venus-Pluto Way

     To find love, we must marinate in the depths of our lov-ing-ness. We must endure the cataclysmic intensity within ourselves which paves the way for true love. The ecstasy of love is born of the field of possibilities and miracle all around.

     Are we ready to show up to the infinite spark of consciousness that is in another? Are we ready to own our "unconsciousness" and allow it to serve a greater good? Love isn't a question of synchronicity; our inner light is the fertile ground on which love is based.

     We are in choice in this reality that appears before us through the projector screen of our mind. Uplift our radiance, and love will follow. Let love inspire you to be your very best self, and love that self with unrequited abandon.

     The great divinity that animates all life...she is ready to bless us with an unconditional love that knows no bound. Let us be the vortex of love that we seek, that we ARE, and the cosmos will conspire to bless us when we're not even noticing. Let us remember, our love is a state of being-ness and knowing...