The Astrological Blueprint as a Set of Spiritual Instructions

     When you buy a new device or a piece of technology, it often comes with an owner's manual. All because you don't follow those instructions, that doesn't mean that the device doesn't operate that way. It simply means you have chosen to not read them!

     Some people need to read the owner's manual. Some don't. But those who do study them learn how the device is designed to operate and they, thus, derive intel and insight into its proper functioning.

     Similarly with the astrological birth chart: we do not need it to get by, but when we choose to read the instruction manual of our lives, our awareness is illuminated, and we develop the precious capacity to read into all things and discover their hidden meaning.

     Such understanding leads to mindfulness and inspiration. We begin to see the boundless possibilities and choices that are before us come alive. And as we mindfully awaken to the vast interconnectedness of all the "chance" moments of our lives, we begin to witness ourselves and start to find meaning in all things.

     When you understand the laws, like gravity, that govern our existence, they are no longer a mystery. At the same time, for the conscious and curious soul, they are a source of magic and wonder.

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