Why We Feel Blue: On the True Cause of Suffering

We feel blue–or sad or even angry–because we want things to be a certain way, and they aren’t that way.

Feeling blue stems from desire twinged with expectations.

At numerous points throughout our lives, each of us wants things to be a particular way, and when they aren’t fitting with that mold, how often do we suffer?

There are moments when we find ourselves believing “it would have been good had things taken a different route.” That’s when we’re caught in the trap of ‘maya’ (illusion in Sanskrit)

Desire is great. It is the primal energy of life. It is what has given rise to billions of births since the dawn of creation.

Desire is magic. It has the power to create as well as the power to destroy and to sustain in light of challenge. Desire is a part of being human.

When our desire is constructively harnessed, we can be sure it is serving us well. But when it is not, it operates insidiously in our life, promising us one thing. Suffering.

Unbalanced desire is the primary cause of emotional dissonance within us.

When the power of desire is fused with the expectation that things will go a certain way–or that they should be other than they are–that is when we have turned the powerful sword of emotion inwardly on ourselves.

I am a deep believer in the law of attraction–and conscious manifestation–but if our happiness depends on things unfolding according to our desire, I’m sorry to say but we’ve missed the mark.

The dance of life entails aligning our desires with what is.

The problem isn’t that things are not going a certain way on the outside, it’s that we want things to go a certain way but they aren’t.

If whatever you are pushing for is meant to be, to blossom forth, I promise you it will. You don’t have to fight with life.

Unfortunately, we suffer because we get so connected (i.e. attached) to the material that we forget about the everlasting laws of life that are spiritual.

One day, we’re not going to be here. Nor will our family and beloveds.

Life is made up of pain, sickness, aging, and death as much as it involves pleasure, health, vitality and birth.

We tend to consider life and death as opposites, but they are not. Birth and death are opposites, and life is both.

Like drops of water in the passing river, the molecule doesn’t remain in front of you. But the river itself does.

Life is a projection of people, things, and moments passing into and out of awareness. So why are we really here?

We are born to achieve a state of abiding–not impermanent–joy.

If there’s an art to living, perhaps it’s being with this moment while it’s here, now, knowing that it won’t always be.

The spiritual warrior knows that things in the material world will break down or come to completion, but the one thing that can’t ever be touched is who we are...and that’s why teachers of meditation encourage us to go inside and to find peace within.

When we can do that, we can remain in a state of joyful acceptance of what is. The spirit of being human endures, yet changes in the outer world will affect us less.

One of the original descriptions of Yoga found in the Bhagavad Gita–a hallmark spiritual text read by yogis around the globe–is “Yoga is Perfect Evenness of Mind (Chapter 2, Verse 48).”

'Evenness’ means being alike in sadness and happiness, hatred and love, doubt and faith, despair and hope, injury and pardon, darkness and light, suffering and bliss.

To the awakened man and woman, sadness and happiness are no different, they are both just emotions that do not affect our evenness of heart and especially not our abiding joy!

Can we imagine what a miracle it is to be ‘alike’ in unconditional abiding joy regardless of the circumstances life sends us?

Our life will be uplifted if we could truly connect with the vision that life seems happy sometimes, but it’s an illusion because life won’t always be happy… And that life ‘seems’ sad sometimes but it's an illusion, too, because life won’t always be sad!

If we can connect with that now, we will experience greater peace when the time comes when things in the world change, as they inevitably will.

This practice really isn’t easy. But it’s the path to happiness which is unconditional and everlasting.

What if our desire emerged from a place of unwavering acceptance of what is, now and forever more?

To be in harmony with the truest and most beautiful expression of the laws of life is perhaps the grandest and most noble desire.

Our desire can become unified with what is, and that’s when life becomes even more meaningful and special.

Only then can we truly say goodbye to feeling blue...

May we all continually strive for a joy which is beyond description, and most especially, beyond illusion.

And may we learn to cultivate true acceptance of what is, knowing that everything happens for a divine reason that will reveal itself in time.