The Breaking Point Full Moon In Aries

Finding Freedom Through Challenge

“Sharp like a razor’s edge is the path, the sages say, difficult to traverse.” ~Katha Upanishad

The next Full Moon takes place in the western tropical zodiac sign of Aries on Monday September 24 at 7:52 PST. As with all Full Moons, the aftereffects will be felt and dealt with for the two weeks following, which means the days leading up to October 8 PST.

Navigating the energetics of this Full Moon can be fraught with challenge, mostly because many of us are experiencing unprecedented, breakthroughs at an accelerated pace. Astrology can offer you a blueprint for navigating the potentially earth-shattering changes and spontaneous awakenings.

This “breaking point” Full Moon is about breakdowns or breakthroughs. Matters of recurring challenge in your life and painful wounds may come to a head. The old architecture of reality is collapsing and a new paradigm is here, but there are growing pains.

This may be related to seeds planted in your life around March 17, 2018.

Tune into the not-so-subtle energetic dynamics of the Full Moon and discover how to best work with its energy. In this guide you will gain inspiring insights to help you on your road to self-actualization.

Come To Terms With Who You Really Are, Now

“Failure Is Having To Be Something Other Than What I Truly Am”~Source Unknown

You may now be finding that ‘everything I thought I was I’m not.” Welcome to your personal revolution. Shockingly, we are all awakening to a different side of ourselves than we have ever seen before. There’s no blueprint for the kinds of trails we are now blazing for the new earth. It’s up to us to figure it all out and to find someway to empower ourselves within the challenges. One thing is for certain, we have the sovereign power to choose our identity. This entails coming to terms with who I truly am, what I really want, what missions I have come here to accomplish, what goals I am striving towards, and what values I hold in my heart. We are being guided now to reclaim our center within the kingdom of God and the Holy Ones. This can be challenging for some because it requires the collapsing of egoic structures which have limited us. The path is to remembering our self as a total, complete, whole individual self.

The process of awakening to our soul tribe can feel truly lonely at times. There’s a theme of feeling alienated from the rest of society with this Full Moon. We may realize that we have reached a breaking point of needing to blaze our own trail and forge our own identity in order to honor our highest self. This need to separate from certain involvements may have come suddenly or unexpectedly in the days leading up to the Full Moon. Some may choose to stay true to their original choice to join the community and awaken to a new way of showing up.

The key is to not be fake but to be radical. We must identify with the visionary, eccentric, idiosyncratic and avant-garde within us. Don’t try to be something you aren’t in order to fit into some mold of society. Find your strength through radical independence within. We are all in the challenging place of shattering those identities which are out of sorts with our evolutionary future. We may feel alone in our own experience off this, but fundamentally we are all united in this current challenge and rebuilding our self in some area of our life. At the least, what is coming to fruition is a new kind of self-esteem that, through adversity, allows us to be strong and powerful in who we are regardless of what other people may think or feel about us. Coming to terms with who we really are means gaining spiritual objectivity regarding the nature of our karmas and existential struggles. Once these have been identified, we have the opportunity to challenge our negative behaviors. Avoid the vices of this Full Moon and make sure you are dealing with your challenges constructively rather than succumbing to spiritual bypassing or denying your shadows.

Handling Difficult / Challenging Circumstances

Part of this Full Moon entails pulling back from relationships which do not serve us as sovereign individuals on our journey, in order to find our center and reclaim our power. Each of us is being called to fly solo as eagles in our life in our own way, and the process of soaring to our heights requires certain ruptures in order to welcome in new paradigms in our reality. It’s about breaking free from oppressive personal and interpersonal dynamics that could be preventing us from rising into the Angel Light of our own power and glory as human beings.

During this Full Moon, arguments or differences in perspective may come up, requiring an attitude of non-attachment. Do not try to force harmony because this will create more division. The way to diffuse these kinds of arguments is through objective listening and dispassion.

Realize that each of you is a unique soul on their own quest for enlightenment, and at a soul level we are being asked to disentangle energetic cords that have up until now and in the past, kept us in karmic prison. It is recommended that we strive to separate from codependent behaviors that have previously dampened our power or edge

In this light disagreements are an amazing gift, for in addressing the elephant in the room we are able to ensure our highest road to ascension. Blow ups may happen, and the way beyond these difficult passages is to feel the suppressed rage or anger that may be brewing inside and to pay attention to what it may be here to awaken you to or liberate you from.

Honoring Soul Contracts While Being True To You

Underneath it all a cosmic catch-22: the Law of Karma is at play, and the choices we make today will have consequences for the future that could imprison us to undesirable circumstances later. Fortunately, this Full Moon is gifting us a detached ability to witness the totality of our life from a more enlightened viewpoint. It is advisable to ensure that you are aware of the repercussions of your actions and choose responsibly what is in greatest alignment. Let us aim to break free of all energetic cords of entanglement while honoring the soul contracts that we have set in place.

It is not unreasonable for conflicts to get so strong with this Full Moon that couples consider separating. The key here is to not be lead by impulse and willful desires but instead to remain cool, detached, and objective so you can see what is best for you on your solo journey.

Perhaps you are hearing the call to go to the beat of your own drum. If so, be willing to take a stand and honor your personal sovereign choice no matter what the consequences. Be willing to follow the beat of your own drum.

Every “rejection” is a cosmic redirection. Where do you choose to redirect your energies?

Discovering Your Soul Tribe

This astrological event is bringing to clear, objective awareness our sense of integrity so that we can individuate ourselves from the rest of the “pack.”

Many of us will be experiencing groundbreaking awakenings. Still, the hard reality is that amidst this personal revolution some of us are being led to break free from those tribes (individuals and communities) which do not support our highest evolution. The theme is one of conscious separation from all that stands in the way of our highest path to the Light. Some people may even find themselves wanting to disconnect from communities that were once an important part of their journey. As we clear space from the tribes which do not support our highest evolution, we consciously make room for new associations that are in powerful alignment with the heart. The result of this choice is we get to be empowered in our own unique signature as a warrior fighting for collective awakening. A new identity comes from new associations. Find a noble cause you that’s worth fighting for and focus your energies in that domain.

Coming To Terms With What You Want

What ambitions are you striving towards? If you’ve been feeling the ways you’ve been previously living that have been truly out of alignment, it’s possible that a certain identity crisis may be happening, shattering your reality on everything you thought that you wanted. For example, if you have been pursuing a profession goal, you might find yourself breaking free of the old and at a bit of a loss as to what the new is supposed to be. Be spontaneous and don’t try to fit our experience into a box.

Our desire and energy to serve humankind in a larger way is being fully animated. Part of the evolutionary call of this cosmic energy is to bring us to passionately take a stand for a greater good, to pursue only those philanthropic goals of the highest caliber. This means to a certain extent “denying” those ways that have been purely ego driven before. Be compassionate with yourself as you learn to be more of service to the greater good of society. This may mean going against your old values as you embrace the new paradigm.

We are now at the precipice of a wonderful opportunity for pioneering new pathways for our freedom, and this is likely to play out within our career choices. What is essential is that we choose the route of maximum autonomy and take actions according to what is most authentic to who we are in the moment. This requires great daring, for me must cultivate the willpower to free ourselves from oppressive circumstances at any cost. This Full Moon in invoking the spirit of the warrior within us, fighting for our highest, most objective truth.

It’s about finding our rightful place in a patriarchal society that can at times limits and prevent us from truly shining. It is also awakening greater energy reserves and focus, aligning with what most animates us and bringing us back to our innocence.

Defending Real Justice & Egalitarian Ideals

Part of the challenge of this Full Moon pertains to the structure of society itself. The universe is inviting us to stand in our power and as individuals work to create a social revolution, first from within and then without.

How have we created separation through class division? How have our own financial and economic systems rewarded the elite and resulted in a paradigm of fighting for our survival within the “less elite.”

We are living in a world that simply does not value all equally, and our own selfish pursuit for profit, power, pleasure, and prestige has alienated us from other humans. Stuck behind our smartphones, have we succumbed to a world of dissociation? It’s natural that in light of all of this some of us are feeling lie we don’t belong in this ambition-driven world. If you’ve been feeling like an alien or an “invalid” in society, you are not alone. You are part of the elite few with a deeper spiritual sensitivity to and alignment with the true path of Ascension. In a weird way, feeling like an alien is a great gift because it enables us to find strength and autonomy purely from within.

Screw commoditization, we stand for the brotherhood and sisterhood of all people everywhere. We are one human family. Let us rally for a more just society that treats all as equal and honors each individual for the unique contribution they can make to the world.

The Tipping Point Between Surviving & Thriving

Some people at this juncture may be feeling embattled in maintaining their survival. If the “fight” for survival is coming up for you, chances are this is a recurring pattern that you’ve faced many times. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs suggests that having our baseline needs met is a necessary prerequisite for self-actualizing. Unfortunately, some on this Full Moon are feeling the pressure and stress of living in this society. If this is the case, what desire is this activating within you? Does it make you want to run away? Do you turn to food or sex to to avoid dealing with these feelings? Do you seek reassurance from others? Or maybe you lay in bed all day feeling sorry for yourself? The key to breaking through rather than breaking down is to force yourself to make necessary changes that feel fundamentally uncomfortable and possibly even out of sorts with who you are. This astrological event is helping you crystallize your courage so you can be powerfully independent as part of a greater collective. Help your friends find strength, and then you will find you have greater energetic resources to draw upon as well. Still, know that you have what it takes to see your goals through independently. You may face tests along the way, but they are here to toughen you up. Receive the lessons and leave the dramas. Break out of the spell of survival by activating your creative force. The way to do this is to innovate. Challenge the status quo. In the words of Albert Camus, "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion."

Breaking Free Of Resistance To Change


The best way to truly liberate yourself from cycles of conflict and internal suffering of this Full Moon is to allow every change and passage in your life to be a sacred medicine and a deeper invitation into the next rung of your soul’s evolution. Seen in this immense healing light, everything is a blessing sent in sacred service to your highest good.

Remembering Your Why & Getting Motivated

At the core of everything you may be up against, there is a greater why that can motivate you immeasurably. Arguably, the function of this Full Moon is to challenge us to come into our evolutionary drive, to give you objective insight on everything that motivates you so that you can be liberated from the challenges you face. Is it possible that they can literally dissolve in the light with a flash of awakening?

Purpose is at the core of every endeavor―every movement, every career path, every relationship, and every moment.

Without a reason for doing anything, your life lacks substance, meaning, and is void of possibility. This will kill your growth and lead to an empty, unfulfilled life where it seems like life accelerates by without your ever having had the chance to fully live.

The current state of the planet reflects this. Most people are living devoid of a sense of purpose, meaning, and due to the stories they tell themselves lack hope. All three of these critical components, according to Positive Psychology, are the keys to living an authentically happy life.

A lot of people wonder whether their real WHY is silly or on the right track. You’d be surprised at how unique and seemingly bizarre each of our purposes can be.

Your true WHY is not meant to be “normal” - it’s meant to be uniquely your own...

Here’s an exercise you can do to come into greater awareness of your life purpose:

  1. Reflect on every great accomplishment of your life. Why did you do what you did at the time in your life?

  2. Search for patterns and themes connecting the ‘why’s’ behind each of these endeavors: ask yourself, “What was the real reason for each of these ‘why’s’ beneath it all? This is your TRUE WHY that illuminates your purpose.

  3. You may notice that your WHY is somewhat irrelevant or seems to be disconnected from who and where you are today. This is normal and okay.

  4. Try to make it relevant to where you have evolved to be in your life in this very moment. In this way, you expand your TRUE WHY into something much greater that becomes your movement.

True masters get that they are all alone in fulfilling this unique life’s task and work. You may have the support of a Purpose Discovery Guide, a life coach, and the help of friends and family who want to see you succeed, but ultimately it is your responsibility bring this purpose to life. If you would like support in discovering your why, visit

Want Support In Navigating This Aries Full Moon?


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