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Do you have a dream of something you want to manifest in the world, but are stuck in a rut? Or simply need a boost in manifestation power?

Charting your desires and intentions through astrology is illuminating, fascinating, and can help you live a more fulfilled life, by restoring the powers of creation to YOU so you can be the intentional author of your own destiny!

All of us are born with a unique cosmic "blueprint" that describes the essential and practical nuances of our life.

The Law of Attraction holds that our thoughts become our reality. This is also captured in the following transmission from the Buddha: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

The transformative Dream Catalyzer process coupled with my innovative Dynamic Nuanced Astrology (D.N.A.) system can help you align your wishes with your individual design and the secret of astrological timing to make your dreams a reality.

As a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), the Sky Mystic is uniquely qualified to meditatively work with the astrological weather to optimize your life.

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The Law of Intention and Desire:

"The future is created in the present." — Deepak Chopra

In the Yoga Tradition, there are said to be four desires — each equally vital— which are the keys to lasting joy and authentic happiness.

These four desires are collectively described as "purushartha" in Sanskrit, meaning they are "for the purpose of soul."

True Self-Actualization entails fulfillment at each level of desire:

(1) Kama (Happiness) — the desire for pleasure which can come in countless tempting forms, including the enjoyment of food, sex/sensuality, romance, recreation, laughter, art, music, etc.

(2) Artha (Prosperity) — the desire for prosperity, the practical means to help you fulfill your special life purpose, which can appear in the form of health, wealth, security, comfort, general well-being, and supportive relationships.

(3) Dharma (Purpose) — the desire to become who you were born to be, to find and live your unique essential purpose and fulfill your destiny, to realize your "raison d'être" (your most vital reason for being alive on the planet at this time).

(4) Moksha (Freedom) — the desire for spiritual realization and ultimate freedom, "to be free of the burdens of the world, even as you participate fully in it (Rod Stryker - The Four Desires)." Moksha entails the soul's desire to experience a boundless state of "deep and lasting peace (Stryker)", one that "passes all understanding (Bible, Philippians 4:7)."



“As a person acts, so she becomes in life. Those who do good become good; those who do harm become bad. Good deeds make one pure; bad deeds make one impure. You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” – Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4.4.5

Desire is a natural part of life. We all come to this world with some amount of desire, whether it is the desire for pleasure, profit, power, or prestige. It's unrealistic to try to negate our desires; the more we negate them, the stronger they become. A more effective approach is to work with them.

Recognizing your desires begins with reminding yourself to attend more to what is important and of real value to you, and to honor the basic truths to which you subscribe deep in your heart.

For those desires that are pure and noble, you next want to 'unify' with your desire, which entails feeling it resistance-free in your body, mind, heart, and soul. This is the true reason behind Moon Manifesting, which is intended to deepen our relationship with our unique desires.



"Manifestation" is the conscious invocation of your heart's true desires (which are ultimately in service to your Spirit on its unique quest for Self-actualization).

The process involves setting intentions related to any of the four desires mentioned above, either through:

(1) stating affirmations — e.g. "I am rich and worthy of limitless wealth."

(2) creating power wishes — e.g. "I desire to find myself effortlessly attracting limitless wealth."

It is often said that most people only use 10% of their brains. Arguably, most people harness only a fraction of their desire energy.

To attract anything, you have to BE it, whether that's your husband or wife, clients who are hungry for your services, or a brand spanking new living situation.

You have to feel the vibration of what you desire pulsating your being and live from that place of openness to what is and may be.



The New Moon or Solar Eclipse is the ideal time to charge your intentions, map your desires, and express your heartfelt wishes out to the magical universe.

Since they frequently entail new beginnings, New Moons are undeniably the BEST times for planting new seeds of intention and significant times for inner reflection and sub-conscious realizations.

Every New Moon marks the perfect time for illuminating our intentions and magically manifesting our reality in harmony with the sacred order of the universe… With cosmic law on our side.

This is the opportune time to intentionalize the celestial influences consciously and creatively!

For best results, Dream Catalyzer visioning is not done during the period between the Full Moon and New Moon, when the Moon is waning in light. Astrologers understand that the waning Moon is inopportune for conjuring new dreams and for manifesting.

A New Moon also marks a moment of conception for new intentions related to the symbolism of the New Moon, when we can re-birth our "life agenda" and inwardly conceive of new realities, priorities and soul requirements at the most inward, personal and visceral level.

They are also times of sovereignty for claiming power to repair changeable "karmas" and for honoring that what we reap tomorrow is directly related to the power of the intentions we invoke today.

The New Moon represents invocation, initiation, and the moment of conception of new life agendas.

It's no wonder astrologers have been intentionally working with the Moon for centuries to understand fertility, agricultural cycles and even subtle changes in human temperament.

The Full Moon represents fruition and the manifestation of impactful life changes.

The intentions that are in our consciousness during a New Moon frequently come to full light, fruition, and culmination (1) in a more overt way on the subsequent Full Moon (2) in a more covert way on the Full Moon approximately 6 months later.

As a Tantrika, I have to express that working with sexual energy with a beloved at the time of the New Moon can be an especially powerful practice.

We can declare our power wishes—intentionally and silently—during lovemaking at moments of climax, since these are times when we have access to non-ordinary states of consciousness and heightened levels of relaxation, joy, and fulfillment.

All the dreams in the world will remain in a state of inertia and incubation if you don't consciously transform your mind. That's where Dream Catalyzer comes in:



The Dream Catalyzer process unfolds in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Awareness

We start off by building awareness about the current New Moon and how it may specifically impact you based on the unique areas of life that are being highlighted in your Cosmic DNA. This is 100% individual, and as an astrologer, I will be able to guide you to navigate your life’s big changes with grace, ease, and joy.

STEP 2: Intention

We begin by creating them mood and "sacred space", an atmosphere that is conducive of feelings of joy and relaxation. We might play spiritual music. We ground. We center.

Since manifestation is amplified by gratitude and the feeling of grace, you will be lovingly guided to experience the energy of gratitude both for what you already have!

Together we will create a gratitude list and you will receive advice on what to wish for and what to release based on the energy of the New Moon. You will be invited to consider your specific inspired goals. What is it you really want to wish into being?

To attract the desired outcomes you wish to invoke, we then conjure a vision of what's possible by crafting your top 10 wishes for the month via a series of targeted, expansive and achievable "wish statements" which you will be guided to quietly meditate on. Artistic expression is encouraged!

We also ensure that you are in complete emotional and energetic resonance with the intentions you are invoking. Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), we calibrate your subtle body and release stuck energy that has previously kept you from manifesting your desires.

One at a time, visualize each wish as having come true and feel your wishes in your body. Use your imagination to really experience it. You will be asked to imagine how you would feel or will feel if and when the wish comes true. Imagine the joy you would feel and see it happening in your mind's eye. Feel it in your body. How does it feel?

Write down one affirmation (I am statements) for each wish.

You will then jot down how you intend to make each wish happen. What specific action steps are necessary? What are you really committed to? What might you have to "let bleed" in order to honor your commitments?

STEP 3: Manifestation

Finally, you will then be guided into a powerful NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) manifesting visualization to further bring you into energetic alignment with your desires and to make your desired reality even more attractive and compelling to your subconscious mind.

During this visualization, you will be guided into connecting with the end result and feeling of having your desires fulfilled along with the positive consequences of having attained your desires.

Sometimes, depending on the New Moon and your desires, you may also be guided into a purposeful, astrological meditation or journey into consciousness using guided imagery.

The process culminates with a brief closing meditation, which is an invitation to release attachments, release your dreams out into the magical universe, and surrender to divine forces.

We end by saying "This is my will. Let THY will be done. This or something better now manifests for me by Divine Grace in miraculous ways. For the good of all or not at all! Thank you Universe for the blessings that are already filling my life. Om Namo Narayani ("I surrender to the Divine").

We then feel and linger the energy of anticipation for what is already manifesting!



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  • Harness the Moon's powerful energy to make your dreams a reality.

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