Ep. 6 ☼ Full Moon in Sagittarius on 5/21/16

Hosted by Mystic Astrologer, Aaron Fried

New revelations about what things may grow into will be garnered by clear seeing and witnessing things exactly as they are in the present. This entails a measure of judgement. It symbolically reveals that something that has been discovered, a higher truth, insight, or theory must be made sense of rationally for the mind to wrestle with.

Or, alternatively, something that may have been noticed, seen, or articulated is being brought out to a wider audience, where it will be subject to attack, defensiveness, and rejection. Yet the truth must come out, and fiction must be stalwartly overcome.

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Ep. 5 ☼ Pragmatic Taurus New Moon Invocation 5/6/16

Hosted by Medicine Astrologer, Aaron Fried

Stability and settling into peace and rootedness. Harvesting new seeds of intention. Choosing fruitful investments on the path to love, presence, and belonging. Building momentum and your capacity to appreciate life's sweetness. Acquiring new resources, talents, skills, responsibilities, and rewards. Cultivating cohesion, fulfillment, and harmony in your practical affairs.

Relaxing the pace of life's unfolding. Producing tangible outcomes. Securing yourself materially. Enhancing productivity. Calmness and sensuality. The growth of a flower. The beauty of sensual expression. This Lovely Lunations is about fertilizing the seeds that have been planted in your life, and letting nature run its course.

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Ep. 4 ☼ MYSTERIOUS Full Moon In Scorpio on 4/22/16

The culmination of Spring cleaning energy. The destruction of stagnation. Transmutation of previously stuck or inert emotional material. Grace met by profound presence. Stabilizing desires. Plunging into deep closeness.

Sudden polarized breaking apart or sticking together. Provocative attraction. Emotional catharsis. Alchemicalization of
stubborn and rigid ways or viewpoints. Taking the plunge out of the comfortable to illuminate the unknown of the inner emotional or shamanic terrain.

True feelings coming out of the closet - being revealed. The supernatural force of soul nourishment. The transmutation of the familiar and the manifestation of the irrevocable. Plodding intensity. Not backing away. Becoming aware of our emotions, our attachments, our resistances at a deeper level. This Lovely Lunation is about maintaining deep focus and peace in the face of resistance to change…

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Gratitude to Sound Tech + Magician, Russell Potter, for his kind service in editing this podcast.

Ep. 3 ☼ POWERFUL New Moon In Aries on 4/7/16

Hosted by Metaphysical Medicine Astrologer, Aaron Fried

Forging new pathways to your goal, continuing from the culmination of last Lovely Lunations ep.2 - Libra Lunar Eclipse. 

Being the important and distinct individual that you were born to be is the order of the day. Declaring your place in the universe holds the key. Shine your light EVERYWHERE and hold nothing back. A radical transformation of your life direction, motivation, and a thunderbolt of energetic expansion beckons. Liberty, spontaneity, and adventure calls your name. Acting on impulses feels more natural than ever...

The taking off of a new way of being or endeavor. Recognizing your individuality is your original intention on this New Moon conception. Time to increase autonomy.... Time to be yourself, and let others do the same.... This Lovely Lunation is about bold expansion and FREEING desire.

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Gratitude to Sound Tech + Magician: Christopher Komin & Anland Media

Ep. 2 ☼ Lunar Eclipse in Libra on 3/20/16

Hosted by Yogi Aaron Fried

The illumined mind blazing new trails. New clarity and objectivity. Fierceness appeased by devotion. The tug-o-war between impulsive lust and unconditional love. During this highly polarized and alluring Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, a harmonizing of primal ruminations brings conciliation and the calm repose to be yourself and command your own space.

Your I-AM-ness arrives at perceptive focus, allowing you to verbalize your intentions and to share yourself autonomously. This Lovely Lunation is dedicated to finding peace and contentment in the midst of life's great challenges...

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A special thanks to Sound Technician: Christopher Komin of Anland Media

Ep. 1 ☼ Solar Eclipse in Pisces on 3/8/2016

Hosted by Yogi Aaron Fried

A déjà vu feeling. A wonderfully chance occurrence. A seemingly impossible synchronicity… During this soulful and mystical New Moon and Solar Eclipse, a unification of our consciousness, bordering on the sublime, crystallizes, that allows us to envision new possibilities in our lives, which presents us with a new opportunity for real manifestation...

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Sound Technician: Christopher Komin
Intelligent Support: Ailsa Forlenza

Kirtan tune by Artists Govindas & Radha: