Ep. 3 ☼ POWERFUL New Moon In Aries on 4/7/16

Hosted by Metaphysical Medicine Astrologer, Aaron Fried

Forging new pathways to your goal, continuing from the culmination of last Lovely Lunations ep.2 - Libra Lunar Eclipse. 

Being the important and distinct individual that you were born to be is the order of the day. Declaring your place in the universe holds the key. Shine your light EVERYWHERE and hold nothing back. A radical transformation of your life direction, motivation, and a thunderbolt of energetic expansion beckons. Liberty, spontaneity, and adventure calls your name. Acting on impulses feels more natural than ever...

The taking off of a new way of being or endeavor. Recognizing your individuality is your original intention on this New Moon conception. Time to increase autonomy.... Time to be yourself, and let others do the same.... This Lovely Lunation is about bold expansion and FREEING desire.

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