Ep. 4 ☼ MYSTERIOUS Full Moon In Scorpio on 4/22/16

The culmination of Spring cleaning energy. The destruction of stagnation. Transmutation of previously stuck or inert emotional material. Grace met by profound presence. Stabilizing desires. Plunging into deep closeness.

Sudden polarized breaking apart or sticking together. Provocative attraction. Emotional catharsis. Alchemicalization of
stubborn and rigid ways or viewpoints. Taking the plunge out of the comfortable to illuminate the unknown of the inner emotional or shamanic terrain.

True feelings coming out of the closet - being revealed. The supernatural force of soul nourishment. The transmutation of the familiar and the manifestation of the irrevocable. Plodding intensity. Not backing away. Becoming aware of our emotions, our attachments, our resistances at a deeper level. This Lovely Lunation is about maintaining deep focus and peace in the face of resistance to change…

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Gratitude to Sound Tech + Magician, Russell Potter, for his kind service in editing this podcast.