Ep. 5 ☼ Pragmatic Taurus New Moon Invocation 5/6/16

Hosted by Medicine Astrologer, Aaron Fried

Stability and settling into peace and rootedness. Harvesting new seeds of intention. Choosing fruitful investments on the path to love, presence, and belonging. Building momentum and your capacity to appreciate life's sweetness. Acquiring new resources, talents, skills, responsibilities, and rewards. Cultivating cohesion, fulfillment, and harmony in your practical affairs.

Relaxing the pace of life's unfolding. Producing tangible outcomes. Securing yourself materially. Enhancing productivity. Calmness and sensuality. The growth of a flower. The beauty of sensual expression. This Lovely Lunations is about fertilizing the seeds that have been planted in your life, and letting nature run its course.

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