Enlightened Entrepreneur―3 Month Brand Discovery Program for Solopreneurs


Enlightened Entrepreneur―3 Month Brand Discovery Program for Solopreneurs

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Custom, Cosmic Coaching to help you prototype your authentic brand concept & strategy from A to Z, in alignment with your unique life purpose & direction!

The Enlightened Entrepreneur 3-Month Brand Discovery Program for Solopreneurs lets you:

  • Convert your gifts into a source of freedom that vitalizes your heart & allows you to be a genuine gift for humanity
  • Grow your reach, so you can REALLY influence your special tribe of people - and know who they are
  • Scale your presence on the world stage, and bring yourself to a greater level of distinction within your industry
  • Boost your company's sales, bookings, and referrals so you can touch more people's hearts and souls!
  • Amp your impact so you can accelerate and magnify the way you deliver transformation to others - strategically and confidently

...So you don't have to waste any more time or energy doubting your unique gifts, competing with other industry professionals or questioning your significance as a MAJOR force for change.

Every conscious influencer deserves their shot at changing the world in the biggest possible way, but sometimes unclarity and doubt gets the best of us and keeps us from living up to our full potential.

Are you a soul-based entrepreneur who wants to build a life of freedom and fulfillment that lets you travel and serve the planet in a career you really love?

Are you desiring to brand and align your talent with your truest self, so you can make a more powerful statement in the world and optimize your success as a change-agent?

As a Cosmic Coach, the Sky Mystic helps conscious, purpose-driven professionals stand out in their industry so they can be the REAL change they wish to see in the world - their own "little Gandhi."

Using cosmic science (astrology), together we will prototype your very own custom, authentic brand concept/strategy from A to Z, one that's specially aligned with your unique personality-design, rich history, life purpose, and direction.

Having The Sky Mystic by your side to brand your business is like being the US President and having the wise counsel of your cabinet's trusted executive advisors.

We will mathematically calculate the best direction for your business, even down to the EXACT colors of your logo, your positioning, your mission statement, and much more!

What most branding programs/processes are lacking is an authentic roadmap to success that honors the greatness of the individual.

Using your Cosmic D.N.A (Dynamic Nuanced Astrology) blueprint, we are able to help solopreneurs know with TOTAL CONVICTION the best business strategy for them. In a sense, we are able to validate your strategy and ensure it is aligned with your authentic self, which is reflected in your unique astrological blueprint and can be precisely interpreted.

Are you to position yourself as a creative who uses the modality of life coaching or a coach who works to motivate creatives?

How should you be speaking to your target audience? Who are they? How can you make them want to come back to you as their go-to professional in the industry?

What distinguishes YOUR target audience (generally) from your specific ideal clients? What's the best way to attract people to you and talk about what you do?

Note: The Enlightened Entrepreneur is NOT simply a package of 13 astrology readings.

It is a powerful journey of transformation and discovery that includes homework activities, neuro-lingustic program exercises, meditations and more designed to help you breakthrough in your brand and get ULTRA clear and confident so you can make your most impressive mark on the world!


This innovative brand discovery program consists of 13 weekly modules3 powerful months of focused discovery to completely overhaul the way you show up in the world and help you feel ULTRA clear & confident on your unique talents & business strategy, guided by cosmic science:

Each one of these modules is based on a thorough inspection of your astrological blueprint. Nothing is made up. I have deduced a way to read everything related to your business in your astrology This proprietary system allows me to guide the conversation in a way that will evoke the deepest truths of your soul so that they can be shared with the world.