Aaron E Fried, M.A. "THE SKY MYSTIC"

(Ascendant in Taurus + Venus in Scorpio)

(SAGITTARIUS Sun + Jupiter in Pisces)

(Moon in Virgo + Mercury in Scorpio)

     A bright-eyed Mystic emerges from the starry night sky to illuminate the way for visionaries and seekers. Using his thunder bolts of wisdom, astrological toolkit, and deep sensitivity, the Sky Mystic sets on his maiden voyage through cosmic space-time to clear the clouds of doubt so that you can live a truly inspired life.

     A messenger between worlds - the mystical and pragmatic - Aaron "the Sky Mystic" helps spiritual visionaries embody the deep soul purpose that vitalizes the heart. He is an Astrologer, Success Coach, Purpose Mentor, Yogi, and Former Mathematical Physicist whose experience includes working at NASA Langley Research Center.

     The Sky Mystic excels at giving voice to each person’s (and relationship's) significance and highest potential while helping you awaken your deep sense of purpose, expand your vision, and see with crystal clear awareness what is truly possible for you in this lifetime.

      The Sky Mystic facilitates "journeys in consciousness" aimed at providing opportunities for transformation, by illuminating your evolution and the meaning of your emerging life narrative. He also facilitates love interventions for couples who desire to increase their intimacy.

     Aaron’s guidance is non-fatalistic, honors your freedom of choice, and allows you to access the tips and tools you need to be in command of your life so you can be finely attuned to the musical symphony of your soul! With mastery, the Sky Mystic utilizes astrology as a precision tool for providing illuminating insight that mends the soul—so you can be empowered on your soul quest.

     With the scientific approach of a mathematician and heart of a metaphysician, the Sky Mystic is devoted to helping people solve their life problems, achieve success and sculpt their destiny one inspired discovery at a time.

Brief History of Time

At 19, Aaron was busy conducting aerospace research at NASA as a student scholar, and by 25, he served as an adjunct professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University at Buffalo (for three years) before continuing his study of mysticism in India. With honors and degrees in both Mathematics (M.A.) and Physics (B.A.) from the State University of New York, the Sky Mystic bridges the gap between the mathematical and metaphysical, in his systematic exploration of human character and potential, and motivation. An avid yogi for a decade, he is also certified as a Yoga Teacher (twice at the 200-hr level), a Tantra Educator (through Source School of Tantra Yoga), and a Traditional Reiki practitioner. Aaron is currently finishing his Ph.D. in “The Learning Sciences”. His dissertation focuses on the psychological facet known as 'insight' as it relates to problem-solving.

From Mathematical Physics to Astrology?!

“Mathematics is the only good metaphysics.”

–—Lord Kelvin, Physicist

Long ago my passion for mathematics ignited him on a quest to understand the nature of reality. The whole world appeared to me through numbers and mathematical forms. Awakening to the deep beauty of math, I learned to witness and appreciate the fundamental order of the universe – the macrocosm. Everything was colored with meaning. Most things could be explained… Except the human spirit. My search for significance led me on my journey to understand the vast architecture that is the cosmos. Contemplating math, I was brought to a quiet reverie, seeing the whole universe light up before my eyes.

Physics soon captured my attention and became the surest means to understand the organizing principles of life. Math was so beautiful, yet what I longed for was practicality. As a physicist, glimpsed some of the deepest truths of life. Once upon a time I interned at the Hypersonic Airbreathing Propulsion Branch of the NASA Langley Research Center (Yes, it was cool!). While there, I created a computer program to study the behavior of fluid flowing through a propulsion pipe using two different mathematical models. In my chapter as an explorer of math and physics, I have proven theorems, mathematically deduced formulas like E=mc^2, experimentally validated the quantum theory of light, solved the three-body problem using Kepler's Laws of Motion, and contemplated time dilation and Einstein's relativity.

You see, my study of physics brought me to solve many compelling and real-world problems. But many of these lacked immediate social significance. My whole life I have studied the universe, and enjoyed every second of it. When finally I discovered astrology, I was at first skeptical, but approached it experientially as I would any problem of physics. I began to 'reverse engineer' astrology by observing it in my life and was quickly impressed by its results. Astrology is a subjective  science. Like math, it is a precise, verifiable, and logical system with a complex set of rules and symbols. It offers predictability.

Astrology looks at space, cycles, dynamics, and patterns on order to help people solve their practical problems, just as math does. But astrology truly honors the connection between cosmos and psyche in a way that western science so rarely does. Astrology is applicable to the individual. My background in math and physics has given me a unique spin on the subject of astrology, and carries an element of precision as well as series questioning. My practice of this ancient art merged visionary insight with calculating intelligence.