"As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul."

—The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus



Aaron has the ability to hold a very particular and uniquely sacred, intimate space. I have worked with a lot of light-workers, and I am a light-worker myself, yet the experience I had with Aaron was without comparison. He speaks with full transparency and love. He is able to create a very intimate container that allows for the unraveling, discernment, and existence of deep desires... bringing forth healing on a physical and energetic level.— Ana Paula Munoz, The Spiritual Architect, Creator of SoulShape


Aaron was like a combination of a surgeon and a magician when it came to reading my astrological chart (he looks like it, doesn’t he!?) I have never had someone able to pull apart the threads with such sensitive accuracy… Also, a big and super helpful surprise was his ability to see in my Celestial D.N.A. where my strengths in my business are, and what types of people would work best with me… even when my business would get momentum and what to be looking for. My reading with Aaron gave me a new perspective, and it helped me to see that no matter what I wanted to do for my business, it could be done! Thank you, Aaron, for your huge generosity in sharing your ASTRO Success Coaching skills and being such a force of possibility!— Kari Van Tine, Maine


"Aaron BLEW my MIND after he gave me one of the most accurate astrology readings I've ever had. Instantly he had me in tears and the lack of clarity and fog I had before the reading...finally lifted. Some things I took from the experience, was to listen to my heart and inner voice, to really put myself first, instead of constantly being the GIVER, rather than RECEIVER. That I needed to fill the well so it could spill over. Meeting with him, actually started a 2-year journey of embracing the divine feminine within myself. Learning to be OK with not OK. Learning to only allow respect from men. Learning I had to teach others how to treat me. Learning to not tolerate unacceptable behavior. and MOST of all realizing that I was worthy of receiving love and acceptance from others, and most of all myself. At the time we met, we were on a weekend camping trip, I was there with my one-year-old son. It was cold, wet, and disgustingly muddy, as it had been raining for days... and after our session... I walked out... packed my bags and took my son and I home.. realizing that being there, was simply too much. I didn't have to be a supermom. I didn't have to do it all. I didn't have to suck it up. I didn't have to stay for anyone else. In that moment, I chose myself. Thank you, Aaron, for the wonderful work that you do. Any reward that you go after is highly deserved."— Client, ON, Canada


I can't recommend Aaron's astrology readings enough, and his couple's composite chart readings were so insightful as we embarked on getting married.  Not only was he able to suggest an auspicious date and time for our wedding ceremony (highly recommend doing!) he also validated our strengths and illuminated where our growth opportunities lie as a couple. His attention to detail while reading our chart showed how prepared he was, and most importantly, Aaron was a great listener.  He provided extra close attention to the areas that specifically mattered to us.  When my husband wasn't following a particular piece (he's very new to astrology), Aaron effortlessly rephrased the material in a language that my husband could relate too.  Added to the fact that Aaron is uncommonly smart and sensitive and you have a great astrologer.  Thank you Aaron , your passion is contagious!”— Leah Alchin Piper, Vice President-Source School of Tantra Yoga, Santa Cruz, CA

Aaron is genuine, thorough and compassionate in his readings and advice. He has gone above and beyond what I could have even expected to help me through difficult times and provide guidance about my astrological chart, my life, and my future. Every minute with Aaron is with it! He is incredibly intuitive and perceptive, but it is also clear that he genuinely wants to help those who come to him. I would 100% recommend him.— Sarah Ellen, Buffalo, NY

Aaron and I first crossed paths at a July fire puja. Despite my unwavering convictions of the immeasurable reality of Spirit, before I had met him, my skepticism directed towards the system of astrology could only be eclipsed by my own cynicism aimed at it. Yet there, amidst the sacramental fire, sat a man of integrity who spoke of astrology with a sense of urgency suffused with eloquence and force, not from his intellect alone, but from a deeper running reservoir. Because of his professional background as a professor at a well-respected university, and his insatiable thirst for the vast waters which feed the yogic tradition, Aaron's teachings–his transmissions–have been nothing but paradigm shattering. In essence, his gnosis-driven mastery of an ancient art has lent me the missing insight on how to weave my own chrysalis, which is facilitating that which I’ve sought my entire life: metamorphosis.— Matthew Knisley, Buffalo, NY


I decided to go out to the world, by myself, to explore, to understand myself better, to meet the universe. I landed in Rishikesh, India and there I met Aaron. Like a true master, he navigated me through the path of my life, poured light into all the darkest corners and pointed out all the beauty and blessings of my life. Aaron's reading was so accurate, logical and spiritual at once. I felt exposed yet also so safe and secure. There was a magical feeling of closeness, allowing me to discuss with him about my life, my purpose, my relationships, my feelings and my thoughts, which all finally began to make sense to me. It was a truly meaningful experience for me, a very useful map to start my journey with, and reminded me that the stars are always on my side, even on the darkest nights.  Thank you, Aaron, for all that you are.— Dana Rozenblum, Israel


Aaron is more than an astrologer, he’s a devoted human spirit committed to each soul’s journey to understand who they are. I scheduled a Couple’s Reading to better understand my lover and our relationship issues. Aaron went over and above what I expected. He helped me better understand my partner. Through the reading I was able to see what I needed to do to help the relationship. I feel more empowered to further my personal journey in a deeper way than I've ever experienced and I feel it's from Aaron's wisdom and I am grateful for that. I feel much clearer about where I need to be heading. I am incredibly thankful to have received such amazing support and deep knowledge from Aaron . He's patient, clear, and has a great sense of humor and a sincere devotion to the greater good. I left the reading with much more lightness and renewed feeling of confidence on my path of intimacy.— Jen Terner, Toronto, CA


Aaron is truly a masterful spirit. His reading of my astrology allowed me to wholeheartedly integrate the discoveries from my Tantric Empowerment Session into my entire life. Based on my birth map he affirmed undeniable personal truths and expanded the domain of my capacities. In surrendering myself to the wisdom of his astrological interpretation, I transformed in magnificent ways. I now live in greater unity and aliveness with the consciousness, presence, and power I have within.— Cydney, San Francisco CA


Having experienced the Self-Discovery Reading with Aaron , I feel recharged and inspired to live my life more authentically. Aaron's astrological excavations are like a metaphysical lantern, helping to shed light upon whatever path I may tread.— Tim Gavigan, New York


Aaron Is very frank. I approached him to interpret my natal chart and he helped me by doing the tedious task of reading it with astounding accuracy. The result was very tailored to what I requested . It was genuine and and his writing skills are noteworthy . One thing I really liked was how the amount of fine detail he was able portray from my synopsis . The experience of reading my report made me feel invigorated. I would strongly recommend Aaron for people who need a natal chart reading.— Client


I have had the privilege of receiving both Personal Astrology Readings and a Tantric Empowerment Session from Aaron . He has clearly found his life's calling – as he is so genuine in his offerings and truly guides others to find their life path and restore their Spirit with healing: Body, Mind, and Soul. During Astrology Readings he gives very concise and applicable information, no matter what your inquiry. At times I have been speechless, feeling like he has personally known me forever since his observations and his divinely inspired information is so scarily accurate! I highly recommend him for any and all services. He's constantly going above and beyond, giving you your money's worth and then some! Thanks Aaron for all the wonderful work you do! This world needs more magical souls like yours!!— Christie Campbell, Sedona AZ


Three weeks ago I received a remarkable reading with Aaro . He focused on strengths and challenges that I've met with over the years in my career. The insight that I gained from this reading reverberates still - I have been motivated and directed and more clear than ever before. I know that this is a direct result of the reading with him. The best way for me to describe my experience is this. I was open to receive and he dropped the insight bombs that blew up the stagnant parts of the inner story that was keeping me from taking action!!! I bow in gratitude.— Cynthea Denise, Oakland CA


Aaron is a wise, deep, and insightful Astrologer. He truly sees people and helps them to tap into and recall who they are. Aaron takes the complexities of my life–and astrology–and distills them with practical grace and precision. He's been spot on with many specific insights about my life and has helped me navigate a number of relationship, career, and financial challenges. — Cheyne Goulden, Melbourne, Australia


Receiving clarity about some deeply rooted and long-term issues was the most satisfying result I took away from my astrological reading with Aaron . The insights he gave were real gems and Aaron's eloquent ways of putting a fresh spin on my old patterns brought out a more stable and healthy awareness of myself and a better assessment of my strengths and gifts."— Peter Poffowskij, Czech Republic


As a woman who is enamored with all things astrology and had her chart read a dozen times, I can gratefully and happily say there is no one whose insight and expertise I crave more than Aaron's. His understanding of astrology is second to none, and the information given seems to effortlessly flow out of him. In 2013, I contacted Aaron, as I was looking for some clarity on where my life was heading. Aaron and I had a session where he gave me some key insights on the next 7 years; it is now 4 years later and I often reference my notes from our call and notice how accurate he was (this is not surprising because I know just how talented Aaron is, but still!)! His reading was comforting and gave me the confidence to believe in my path. So, thank you, Aaron, for being you, and for sharing your gift with me!— Diana Conte, NJ, USA


You are skilled at your craft and the genuine care and focus that you have for what you’re doing is probably what I liked the most about my Illumination call.  It was also refreshing to be seen so objectively and easily on a spiritual level. Your ability to speak to the heart of the matter is palpable and I’m honored to have shared the time with you.— Jessica F, AR, USA


Aaron has a unique ability to truly connect with people in an unbiased way. He has powerful intuition which allows him to to truly be present and to see the beauty that exists in each individual. I met Aaron at a time when I was feeling a lack of focus and direction in my life which made me feel confused and anxious. Without even mentioning to Aaron my innermost desire to become a yogini (because at the time I wasn't honest with myself about that), Aaron immediately picked up on it and guided me to the realization that this was the path I wanted to take. The minute Aaron mentioned this to me, I felt a sense of calm and peace, because I knew that this was what I really wanted to do and that everything preventing me from it was just ego. I immediately felt that Aaron was coming from a genuine place and was able to really see my true self, an ability that I find to be rare and unique to Aaron. I am forever grateful to Aaron for the important impact that he has had on my life." — Natalie Pollak, Israel


My significant other lives in France, and I live in the USA. Our connection runs deep. We did a relationship reading with Aaron, as I knew my girl, like me, loves to see how things are connected and related. Aaron beautifully illustrated the planetary aspects of each of our charts and how they relate to one another. He was able to point out our strengths as a couple, but also brought light to those opposing energies that must be balanced in our relationship. Every time that I work with Aaron, I gain new insights and a greater appreciation for the science and art of astrology.— Michael Pellegrino, NJ


Currently living a long distance relationship. I live in France, he lives in NJ and we both decided to do a relationship reading with Aaron to get more insights about our relation. Session was done over Skype, it worked perfectly.  We will definitely book another session, as this kind of reading can expand a lot. It helped us understand each other more and contributed to maintain our precious bond.  Aaron's energy, is really one of a kind, you can't go wrong coming towards him. His passion and knowledge will leave you enlightened.— Ophelie, France

Well, Aaron is definitely the real deal. He combines knowledge of astrology with intuitive capability to give a mind blowing comprehensive look at one’s life. I've always sought the guidance of psychics and tarot readers when I have big life questions... This reading was much better use of my time. Instead of looking to what circumstances may arise in the future, we looked at how I create and or react to circumstances in general. I'm no longer looking at the what if’s and am now focusing on the how's and why’s. I felt comfortable discussing very personal and private matters. Aaron reads an astrology chart like a recipe and a map and I definitely got some direction. Looking forward to the next time I can delve into things with him!"— Alanna Fino, Buffalo, NY

At one point, I considered going to a career/life coach to help me get to the root of my challenges with what seemed like a chronic non-committal career track. I realized one of the reasons I felt stuck was because I needed greater clarity on my inner life purpose and the mechanics of how I operate as a person. My gut told me an astrologer seemed more fitting for this kind of deeper explorative self-work, and my gut told me Aaron was the guy.  

Like a tenacious fastidious detective, Aaron looks deep under the hood to unveil the diverse and dynamic aspects of your whole being, from the internal to the external (how you relate internally vs. the outside world). This cosmological exploration of self is in some ways more thought provoking and powerful than any self-awareness work I’ve done, as it acts as sort of a DNA mapping of the self/soul. With this mapping, one is able to fully see their strengths and their chronic challenges as well as some blind spots and in turn offer you an empowering opportunity to embrace your own nature. I seem to have worked against my nature, thinking my nature was getting in my way, but in many ways I seemed to be getting in the way of my own nature!

Alas, Aaron is distinctly talented in being able to both zero in on the very details of what’s possible and step back and look at the bigger, broader picture, all the while weaving them together in a seamless way. What’s better is Aaron is very present in giving you homework to explore and reflect both pre and post the reading to ensure that this is not just another self-help/self-awareness experience.

For those that feel stuck and confused on their life path, I highly recommend Aaron in his ability to both illuminate and make visible (as his name suggests) your true nature and take the necessary action steps to actualize on your full potential. Because like any good healer, he really cares that you do. Mystic Wise One, thank you for opening the Pandora's box filled with shimmering possibilities and guiding that compass into the infinite potential that lies within. A true and mesmerizing gift.”—Sanaz Ebriani, Berkeley, CA

Aaron is truly an amazing individual who inspires not just love, but trust and peace of mind to whoever inquiries and uses his services. I have known Aaron for a long time and I can’t believe how close I have come to be with him and myself after so many years; so much love being while we are thousands miles away. During the summer of 2013, Aaron and I reconnected through some posts on facebook which lead me to receive two readings from him, which truly shaped my life in ways that I can’t explain. His magical touch and wisdom helped me find myself and gear up for what the future had in store for me.

First, Aaron guided me through obtaining my dream job. He pinned pointed that a life event from my past would be directly linked with this journey. I didn’t really believe much until it happened. The event was linked to something that happened the day of my birth and then, the day I took the job offer and actually started this job. Secondly, I was warned that if I was not careful I could have an accident. Nothing major but a life lesson. After thinking I was the king of the world and changing my ways to being arrogant and displeasing, the universe gave me a wake up call. This call taught me to come back to myself, to be humble, to be accepting and to be happy.

Aaron also forecasted the possibility of an emotional relationship. According to Aaron, this relationship was meant to be challenging and to crack open my heart. Thanks to having this knowledge handy, as this played out exactly how Aaron mentioned within his suggested timeline, I was able to move on and stay centered. He also mentioned that I would likely meet the love of my life shortly after this chapter was closed, and as the universe is magical, I am still truly happy with whom I believe to be the love of my life.

This year, five years after his readings and after finding such peace thanks to Aaron’s guidance, I had lost very important documents. I prayed to God and the universe for guidance. I prayed to my grandmother and grandpa’ for help. And... as it couldn’t get any better, I had a dream. This dream was me walking around my house and hearing Aaron’s voice calling my name. This voice, told me exactly - in which room, box, folder, leaf of the folder and envelope, where my documents were. This blessing was truly amazing and shows how influential Aaron’s guardianship has been in my life.

Currently, I am using Aaron’s services again. His services bring peace of mind, peace of heart and a tremendous feeling of love and self-love. His wisdom and his words that help you discover yourself are priceless. The time he takes to provide such great service is exceptional and I can’t wait to see how much I get to grow from the upcoming readings.—Cristóbal Sepúlveda, NY