"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."Carl Jung

        The Astro*Illumination Effect is a profound cognitive, affective, and intuitive shift in awareness and intention reported by some enthusiasts and practitioners of spirituality during an astrological reading. It is often marked by surprising discoveries about one's relationship to life as well as significant gains in healing insight into the subtle patterns of their life and the lives of others. Astrology facilitates awakening, yet awakening alone is not enough to generate a life that's rooted in happiness, love, gratitude, abundance, and illumination. Astrology allows us to live in a divinely inspired way, attuned to our authenticity. An orientation toward Ascension is required – a willingness to put in the time and effort to cultivate the greatest manifestations of one’s inherent potentials and commune with the sacred.

        In astronomy, Ascension refers to the rising of a star or heavenly body above the horizon. In spiritual circles, Ascension connotes the rising of a being from earth to heaven (c.f. Jesus’s mystical rising to heaven; Moses’s ascent up Mount Sinai), symbolizing the spiritual being’s ability to receptively, and sincerely, move towards witnessing the totality of life from a higher vantage point. In the mystic art practiced at Sky Mystic Astrology, Ascension signifies the fusion of self-transcendence and self-actualization that is the true essence of that special transformation known as Self-Realization which was achieved by the great mystics, seers, saints, sages, and oracles of old - and is still being lived by contemporary luminaries and enlightenment teachers.

        The Astro*Illumination Effect refers to the experience of seeing firsthand the validity and relevance of an individual’s astrological blueprint as a meaningful, descriptive, and practical map for navigating one’s entire life course. The individual is sometimes immediately able to perceive and understand her unique existence as a “universe in itself”, or “the microcosm within the macrocosm”, and as a fabric of the totality of the grand order and mystery of life. What typically follows this awakening is perfect faith that, despite all life’s fleeting movements, all change happens for a great reason. As a result, what awakens is a more direct knowledge of our source, purpose, path, and heart as well as a masterful ability to flow with and embrace life.

        By prudently observing and understanding one’s life journey through the sacred language of Astrology, coupled with an orientation to mindfulness; emotional pain, impediments, scarcity consciousness, darkness, expectation, and projection are brought under conscious light and executive control. Personal problems wane and become more objective; one awakens to inner psychological dynamics, develops a passion for living and an improved ability to relate to others in a more profound way, gleans meaning in life’s transience, and comes to appreciate life’s significance in a fresh and exciting way.