Join Aaron Fried, The Creator of The Authentic Life Summit

& A Special Tribe Of 10 Spiritual Seekers & Visionaries

On A One-Year Soul Immersion

Designed To Help You ACTIVATE

The Powerful Purpose That VITALIZES Your Heart...


"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

—Carl Jung, Founder & Pioneer of Analytical Psychology




Embody Your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose
& Life Path From A To Z


So You Can Be Absolutely Certain About Your Highest Potential,

Share Your Light With The World

& Discover A Crystal Clear Roadmap For Achieving Success

That Honors Your Individual Design.


You’re at a standstill. You’ve reached an impasse. At the throes of uncertainty, you are experiencing confusion and doubt. What do you do?

You may find yourself having moments of wondering if THIS...this job, this career path, this really what you want.

When so many variables are weighing in on your decisions and you find yourself stuck trying to figure out your life, realizing your significance becomes an absolute necessity in order to successfully trek to your desired outcome and discover your genius.




How To Know If VISI👁️N TRIBE is an ideal fit for you ...



  • A call to fine-tune your personal gifts and share them with the world in a way that is abundantly income-producing and supports a lifestyle of freedom.
  • A sense of urgency that there is more to your life than what your family, friends, and most of society thinks.
  • You have something meaningful and valuable to offer the world but don't necessarily know what it is or where to start.
  • A genuine concern about the future of the planet, its inhabitants, and a longing to be a part of the solution.
  • A deep, inner drive to discover your unique place on this earth backed by one of the most inspiring supporters on the planet.


If You ARE

  • Tired of working jobs that are out of sorts with the highest expression of your life's gifts and passions.
  • Profoundly invested in breaking free of the paradigms and blocks that may be holding you back from reaching your goals.
  • Afraid of failing - or succeeding - yet trustfully surrendered to the larger purpose of your life of service.
  • Excited to know and realize with confidence why you're here, what you came here to do, and have the support to finally do it!
  • 100% serious, committed, and ready to ignite your success and take your vision to the next octave.



  • A greater level of self-understanding, certainty, and guidance that honors the reality of your life.
  • The power and freedom to live vitally according to YOUR heart's compass.
  • The thrill and adventure of delving into the deeper parts of your soul for an entire year.
  • An inspired, high-definition vision of what's truly possible for you in this lifetime and concrete tools to help you realize your potential.
  • A reliable way to make meaning of your life, find greater hope and create authentic happiness.
  • To merge what you love and are REALLY good at with what you can make a living from while serving into the world's need.
  • A masterful program for being in dialogue with the universe that amplifies and literally magnetizes your intentions.

DISCOVER The 3-Tier Breakthrough Formula Designed To Help You Command Your VITAL Life Purpose


Tier 1: Conceptualize Your Purpose With Clarity

— Catalyze Your Vision, Chronicle Your Life Experiences, & Discover Who You Really Are, Why You Are Here, What You Desire, Where You Are Heading, & What You Value Most.

Tier 2: Actualize Your Purpose With Courage

— Create Your Own Soul Purpose Profile, Craft Your Hero's Journey Narrative, Co-Create An Achievement Plan That's Aligned With Your Heart, & Commit To Your Large Scale Personal Purpose Project So You Can Start Playing BIG.

Tier 3: Monetize Your Purpose With Confidence

— Configure Your Mind, Charge Your Heart's Desires, & Craft A Conscious Business That's Deeply Anchored In Your Heart Vitalizing Life Purpose So You Can Build A More Stable Structure For Your Life That Expands Your Impact And Supports You Financially.


Convert Your Gifts Into A Source Of Freedom
That Vitalizes Your Heart & Allows You To
Be A Genuine Gift For Humanity



Vision Tribe can give you direct access to your Truth (True North) in the most accelerated manner.

Discovering the heart vitalizing life purpose and path for which you were born is illuminating, profound, and joyful, but it will also require hard work and put you up against everything that has held you back from success in the past so you can finally breakthrough.

By the end of this program, you will know yourself more intimately than ever before. And armed with that knowledge, you will be functioning at higher levels of performance with regard to whatever you choose to bring into this world.

You will receive regular accountability support and mentoring to guide you on your individualized success journey. The wisdom is calibrated to your heart using your Signature Soul DNA (astrological map), so you'll never have to ask again, "Is this What I'm really meant to do?"

This profound soul discovery work will cut right in to the longstanding clouds of confusion and doubt that have plagued you for life. And it will help you PRACTICALLY bring that awareness into your life and spiritually conscious business so you can finally live a life rooted in your TRUE reason for being.



Vision Tribe Is Like Your Passport To Living A Happier, Richer And More VITAL life!


When you join Vision Tribe, I will help you awaken and own the truth embedded deep in your Soul so you can get ahead of the game and achieve your goals with confidence and mastery.

YES you are a tiny speck of star dust in a GIGANTIC UNIVERSE, but your life matters, and I believe you are here for a special reason...
Not only on this site, but on this beautiful planet. And I desire to explore ways in which I can support you! Let me share a little secret...

What if I told you there's a map that's emblazoned in your heart, one that illuminates the who you are, why you're here, what you most desire and value.

It illuminates the way forward and describes the most fundamental aspects of your life purpose, giving you a clear description of the pathways you may choose.

All of us are born with a unique soul "blueprint" that explains our life and shows our way to authentic happiness. It's like the "operating manual" of your true self.

What if I told you that this "plan" has been so purposefully etched into your soul that you may have never realize it's there, whispering new possibilities for your future?

This blueprint, known as your astrological blueprint or birth chart, can inspire you to contemplatively discover the deeper meaning for which you were born.

Imagine a life where you are waking up every day charged up with a genuine feeling of meaning, hope, and purpose.

Positive Psychology identifies these as the precursors of authentic happiness.



Join The 1-Year VISI👁️N TRIBE Program To Awaken Your Vital Life Purpose & Authentic Soul Path...



  • Three 45-minute purposeful Coaching Calls every month to help you actualize your soul’s purpose & path―step by step.

  • Twice monthly Lunar Activation readings & ritual assignments for reflection and charging your heart's desires.

  • Unlimited Celestial D.N.A. (Dynamic Nuanced Astrology) Vocational analyses during our 1-hr weekly coaching calls to help you illuminate your soul’s purpose & path.

  • Unlimited Celestial D.N.A. Branding analyses during our 1-hr weekly coaching calls to help you develop and authentic representation of your brand.

  • Unlimited Celestial D.N.A. Past Regression analyses during our 1-hr weekly coaching calls to help you reflect on your personal “hero's journey” story and construct your timeline map.

  • Unlimited Celestial D.N.A. Future Forecasting analyses during our 1-hr weekly coaching calls to help you connect with your vision and plan your year mindfully.

  • Unlimited Celestial D.N.A. Locational analyses during our 1-hr weekly coaching calls to help you select the most auspicious places for you to live on earth to fulfill your soul's purposes.

  • Unlimited Celestial D.N.A. Relationship analyses during our 1-hr weekly coaching calls to help you purposefully navigate your partnerships with greater authenticity and consciousness.



  • One 3-Day Transformational Vision Quest where we commune with nature and camp in the woods, focused completely on uncovering with absolute certainty and confidence the multi-faceted gem that is your heart-vitalizing purpose.

  • Three Electional Astrology analyses (via e-mail) to help you determine opportune times to start a new venture within your spiritual business.

  • Three Rounds of content feedback for your website (or marketing material) to help you display yourself in a fashion that is true to your vital purpose.

  • Complimentary access to the Vision Tribe private Facebook group where I will share original Live Videos and written content related to: Life purpose, Astro-branding, Astro-regression, new moon/full moon everyday astrology advice relevant to business/success, visualizations & Astro-NLP/EFT.


INVESTMENT Paid Monthly:





"At one point, I considered going to a career/life coach to help me get to the root of my challenges with what seemed like a chronic non-committal career track. I realized one of the reasons I felt stuck was because I needed greater clarity on my inner life purpose and the mechanics of how I operate as a person. My gut told me an astrologer seemed more fitting for this kind of deeper exploratory self-work, and my gut told me Aaron was the guy." 
"Like a tenacious fastidious detective, Aaron looks deep under the hood to unveil the diverse and dynamic aspects of your whole being, from the internal to the external (how you relate internally vs. the outside world). This cosmological exploration of self is in some ways more thought provoking and powerful than any self-awareness work I’ve done, as it acts as sort of a DNA mapping of the self/soul. With this mapping, one is able to fully see their strengths and their chronic challenges as well as some blind spots and in turn offer you an empowering opportunity to embrace your own nature. I seem to have worked against my nature, thinking my nature was getting in my way, but in many ways I seemed to be getting in the way of my own nature!"
"Alas, Aaron is distinctly talented in being able to both zero in on the very details of what’s possible and step back and look at the bigger, broader picture, all the while weaving them together in a seamless way. What’s better is Aaron is very present in giving you homework to explore and reflect both pre and post the ASTRO coaching sessions to ensure that this is not just another self-help/self-awareness experience."
"For those that feel stuck and confused on their life path, I highly recommend Aaron in his ability to both illuminate and make visible (as his name suggests) your true nature and take the necessary action steps to actualize on your full potential. Because like any good healer, he really cares that you do. Mystic Wise One, thank you for opening the Pandora's box filled with shimmering possibilities and guiding that compass into the infinite potential that lies within. A true and mesmerizing gift."

Choosing a coach requires trust and faith.

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